Ganesha is often referred to as the remover of obstacles! Astrologically also Ganesha has the power to help you overcome the obstacles that the planets impose on you for your own growth! Ganesha is the ruler of the Muladhara Chakra – So when you pray to HIM it activates and opens up the muladhara chakra – and that marks the beginning of the soul’s spiritual journey! Ganesha is the deity of Ketu – the most spiritual karmic planet! Ketu teaches us lessons by taking things away from our life 🙂 Ketu denotes our past life and Ketu tries to snatch away experiences we have already mastered in the past in this lifetime so we can focus on the new things we are here to learn! And Ketu’s ways can be difficult! So praying to Lord Ganesha removes the difficulty! Overall after a lot of turbulence in the cosmic sky it’s time for a new beginning new change and new positivity in our lives and Saturn has come out of retrograde today as well! So let’s start this phase with a bang by celebrating Ganesha and invoking his powers within us