The 8th waxing lunar day (Shukla Paksha Ashtami) is dedicated to Goddess Durga. So every month on this day – Durga Ashtami is celebrated.

Durga is the deity to be worshipped to prevent the malefic effects of Rahu.

It is beneficial to worship Goddess Durga during Rahu Kaal (You can use Cosmic Insights app or align27 app to find out about Rahu Kaal timings in your location) especially on Durga Ashtami Days.

The Sanskrit meaning for Durga is a place that is protected and cannot be reached by evil forces. The word Durga also means invincible, unbeatable and undefeated.She is considered to be the combined forms of Goddess Kali, Goddess Saraswati, and Goddess Lakshmi. Devi Durga is also known as Mahishasurmardini which translates to slayer of a mighty evil buffalo demon called Mahishasur, which represents tamo-guna, the dark quality of inertia, ignorance, and laziness.

The mantra that is commonly used to honor and worship Devi Durga is

Aum Dum Durgayai Namaha

This is an extremely powerful mantra to harness the energy of planets and prevent them from afflicting us.

Meaning and Explanation

* Aum – The primordial sound of the universe; The essence of everything.

* Dum – The seed mantra (sound) of Devi Durga.

* Durgayei – To Devi Durga 

* Namaha – We bow down to you or we surrender to you. 

Let’s invoke Goddess Durga to help us fight against the evil forces within us such as anger, greed, jealousy, ego, selfishness, attachment etc.

So if you are going through a tough Rahu period or have a tough placement of Rahu, worshipping Goddess Durga on Ashtami days is one of the best remedies for you!

Use the Cosmic Insights app to track Shukla Paksha Ashtami days and Rahu Kalam timings.