Mercury the planet of travel and communication will retrograde in the sign of sagittarius on Dec 13th, 2023. Sagittarius rules travel and exploration, and when Mercury goes retrograde in this sign, it can bring disruptions to travel plans. Expect delays, missed connections, or logistical challenges when journeying during this period. Flexibility and patience are key virtues when dealing with travel-related issues. Don’t miss the beneficial remedies provided below to navigate through this transit effectively.

Just like in any Mercury Retrograde period, people or situations from our past may resurface during this transit in Sagittarius. These reunions could hold valuable lessons or opportunities for closure, so pay attention to who or what returns to your life.

Mercury Retrograde Timings

New York, USA – 13 Dec, 2023 – 01 Jan, 2024

Chennai, India – 13 Dec, 2023 – 02 Jan, 2024

London, UK – 13 Dec, 2023 – 02 Jan, 2024

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Here are some insights based on your Ascendant/Moon Signs

♈️ Aries Ascendant/Moon

  1. Mercury retrograde can bring disruptions or delays in travel plans, especially long-distance journeys, which are associated with the 9th house. It’s advisable to be flexible and patient with travel arrangements during this period, as there may be communication or logistical hiccups.
  2. You may experience communication challenges during Mercury retrograde. Double-check your work, be clear in your communication, and avoid signing important contracts related to publishing.
  3. It’s an excellent time for introspective study, meditation, and seeking spiritual guidance.

♉️ Taurus Ascendant/Moon

  1. This retrograde can intensify communication in matters related to joint finances, inheritance, taxes, and shared investments.
  2. It’s an excellent time for self-analysis and exploring deeper layers of consciousness.
  3. Engage in open and honest discussions with your partner and avoid keeping secrets.

♊️ Gemini Ascendant/Moon

  1. Misunderstandings, conflicts, and the need for clarifications in partnerships may become more prominent during this period.
  2. In the realm of business and legal partnerships, this placement can lead to delays in negotiations, contract signings, and agreements. It’s important to be patient and to review the details carefully before finalizing any contracts.
  3. This retrograde period may bring former partners or acquaintances back into your life.

♋️ Cancer Ascendant/Moon

  1. Expect delays, miscommunications, and possible conflicts with colleagues or superiors.
  2. It’s a good time to revisit your health routines, diet, exercise, and fitness.
  3. Pay attention to details in your daily communication, both at work and in your personal life. Avoid making assumptions and clarify instructions or expectations to minimize misunderstandings.

♌️ Leo Ascendant/Moon

  1. You may question whether your creative pursuits align with your true desires and bring you joy.
  2. Miscommunication, delays in expressing feelings, or revisiting past romantic issues may occur. Be patient and clear in your romantic interactions.
  3. Be cautious with speculative investments during Mercury retrograde, as there is a higher potential for misunderstandings or losses in these areas.

♍️ Virgo Ascendant/Moon

  1. Misunderstandings, revisiting past family issues, or delays in home-related matters may occur.
  2. It’s an excellent time for decluttering, renovating, or making improvements to your living space and your Vehicle.
  3. Ensure that all kind of paperwork is thoroughly reviewed and clarified.

♎️ Libra Ascendant/Moon

  1. Misunderstandings, delays in communication, and difficulties in expressing thoughts and ideas may occur.
  2. Communication with siblings and neighbors may become more prominent, and you may need to address any issues or misunderstandings that have arisen in these relationships.
  3. This retrograde can affect short trips and local travel. Be prepared for delays or changes in travel plans, and double-check all travel-related details.

♏️ Scorpio Ascendant/Moon

  1. You may review your budget, spending habits, and financial goals during this period.
  2. Transactions involving money, such as payments, loans, or financial agreements, may experience delays or require extra attention.
  3. It’s advisable to avoid impulsive spending during this retrograde period. Focus on financial planning instead.

♐️ Sagittarius Ascendant/Moon

  1. You may consider making changes to your appearance or personal style during this retrograde period. However, it’s advisable to avoid impulsive decisions about your appearance and to give careful thought to any significant changes.
  2. Misunderstandings in communication can become more common during this retrograde period, particularly in how you convey your personal beliefs and opinions. Be patient and clear in yourinteractions.
  3. Mercury retrograde can also bring people or situations from your past back into your life. Pay attention to any individuals or opportunities that resurface during this period.

♑️ Capricorn Ascendant/Moon

  1. You may discover things that were previously concealed, whether about yourself or others.
  2. Meditation and spiritual practices may become more important.
  3. During Mercury retrograde, you may feel drawn to spend more time alone, reflecting on your inner world. Solitude can lead to valuable insights.

♒️ Aquarius Ascendant/Moon

  1. Misunderstandings, delays in plans with friends, or revisiting past connections may occur.
  2. It’s essential to be patient and clear in your interactions when working with teams or participating in group activities.
  3. During Mercury retrograde, you may reflect on your future plans, dreams, and the steps needed to achieve them. Consider whether your goals are still relevant to your life path.

♓️ Pisces Ascendant/Moon

  1. Misunderstandings, delays in professional plans, or revisiting past career choices may occur, it’s advisable to avoid making impulsive career decisions or commitments during this period.
  2. Interactions with superiors, bosses, or authority figures may experience communication challenges. It’s crucial to be patient and clear in your professional communications to avoid misunderstandings.
  3. This retrograde period may lead to reconnecting with past colleagues, mentors, or individuals from your professional past.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius – Remedies

  1. Listen to Margabandhu Stotram before you commence any travel during this period. To steer clear of any disruptions and guarantee a safe and punctual journey, you can listen to the Margabandhu Stotram. The term “Marg” signifies the path, “Bandhu” represents a friend or guide, and “Stotram” denotes a hymn. This hymn serves as an invocation to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva, who takes on the role of a supportive friend and guide during your travels, ensuring your safety and the fulfilment of your desires. Pass this information along to your friends and family members who will be traveling during this period.
  2. On every Wednesday throughout this retrograde period and on days when the Moon transits or forms aspects with the sign of Sagittarius or moves through the nakshatras ruled by Mercury, make it a practice to recite/listen to the Vishnu Sahasranama. The align27 app will provide timely reminders for you to perform this remedy on these specific days.

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