Mars went into  Capricorn on May 2nd and will stay there for about 6 months, and being closely connected to Ketu much of that time. We have to understand this transit in detail to deal with anger and explosive energy.  We think the most of the impact will not really be felt until after May 27th as Mars and Ketu are pretty far apart but then we are going to have to get use to it quickly because those two planets will be very close most of June-September  because Mars will go retrograde at the end of June and conjunct Ketu 3 times but will be within 3-5 degrees most of the summer fueling anger and great energy.  The exact most powerful days of the conjunction will be June 3, July 18, and September 22.


Mars will first approach Ketu in early June in Capricorn. On the highest level, in the sign of Capricorn, the Mars/Ketu conjunction encourages us to work hard at business but often we are frustrated or blocked leading to deep-seeded anger and resentment. If you watch small kids in a playground, they get angry, fully express it and then go back to being normal. Anger is a natural emotion that is often an expression of an unfulfilled desire. Kids are great about it but we tend to repress our anger until it explodes and that is dangerous.  As I have said before, transmute the anger by doing charity work and channel the energy into positive social service rather than raging at things that you cannot control.

This conjunction challenges us to be happy with our own power and leadership and this may be the case particularly among women, so express it now if it comes up.  This transit supports mathematics and engineering so this is the time to go deep into invention mode. For Scorpio and Aries rising, it will foster spiritual experience and intuition, as Ketu is the most spiritual planet. This is an excellent time for a meditation retreat or extra spiritual practice. Other activities may be frustrating.

My friend Juliana Swanson of Astral Harmony notes the following about Mars/Ketu:

On a positive note and if channeled well, Mars and Ketu conjunction reflects some great confidence, drive, and enterprise; an opportunity for important reorganization; social reforms; and enhanced mechanical and technical skill, development, and innovation. The less harmonious expression of this can be intense battles as in personal, legal, political, and military conflicts; a tendency for accidents or health crises (especially some potential for fevers, inflammation, infection, and high blood pressure); antisocial behavior; frustrated ambitions; impatience, mental aggravation, flaring tempers, and emotional irritation (pitta dosha to the max…it may be a very hot summer with lots of figurative and literal fires).

For Mundane Astrology,  this conjunction is very difficult for the planet and is a signature for violence and terrorism. It is thought that when Mars is retrograde/exalted that it acts like a debilitated planet and would have an impact more subjectively in terms of seething anger.  The race riots in St. Louis a few years back and in September in Milwaukee were recent examples of the Mars/Ketu aspects. 9/11 also happened during a Mars/Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius.

If you are feeling angry politically, find another way to express your feelings in a positive way. Write letters, do posts on Facebook or call your Congressperson. In the extreme, this aspect can lead to accidents, fires, burns, and explosions if the energy is not released. Be careful around your home and while driving around those key dates. Even if you are alert, others may not be as aware or mentally present in the moment.

The bright side of the conjunction of Mars/Ketu is that it forces us to face our unconscious fears and repressed angers, so we can look at them and transform them.  Capricorns and Aquarians need to find an outlet to unlock pent-up anger or it will explode. Exercise and healthy competition is one way to let off steam.

Usually, yoga and exercise are good to get things moving but be gentle on yourself as too much will increase the air element or Vata and create more anxiety. Use the Nike slogan, “Just Do It,” to get moving as Mars/Ketu can create very sluggish and lazy energy, making it hard to get started again.

If you are on the Capricorn/Cancer axis or running a Mars/Ketu or Ketu/Mars period or are Aries or Scorpio rising or Moon, you will be most impacted by the transit.

Don’t get lazy by repressing or stuffing any feelings that come up during these brief moments in time. Remember, you are not your emotions and you are empowered to choose how you will best respond to challenging situations. You have the tools and advance notice of the stars to prepare you for handling this Mars/Ketu highlight. 

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Note charts are very individual and it will depend on your dasha and how may bindu points you have.  Please consult a professional astrologer to know how you will be impacted.

Note : We have emphasized the more challenging parts of the transit but May will be much better and bring out the positive side of Mars in Capricorn with lots of energy, vitality, ambition and accomplishment.

Aries Rising or Moon:  10th house Transit.

The Mars/Ketu conjunction will be activating your house of career and can be very positive but could be filled with bumps at times particularly in early June, mid-July and late September.  There will be lots of energy and drive to take on new projects and get a lot done particularly in May. If you do engineering or detailed design this is a great time for bringing technical precision to your work.  There may be points in the summer where you feel like you want to explode about work so exercise or get into competitive sports to release that energy. You could see unexpected change at work so have a back-up plan.  Support your reputation by being clear with supervisors what you have done so that they clearly see it as you could be past by.


Avoid taking unethical shortcuts and stay away from danger on long-distance trips particularly to foreign countries.  Disputes likely to arise with boss, Guru or your father. There may be a lot of energy to want to do a spiritual pilgrimage but stay in shape and be alert to injury by stretching and working up gradually. Watch potential issues with your hips and practice the pigeon pose in yoga to keep them properly stretched.  Be careful with arguments with those that you love as they could be heated. Evaluate spiritual and religious beliefs and frustrations with common sense before you fly off and make changes. Publishing could go through several rewrites and make sure to stay on top of ethical behavior and not cut corners to get things done too quickly.


This is a good period to focus on your health. Regular massage or body work is a good idea now. Yoga and other forms of meditation that are physically oriented can also help. One of the negative aspects of this transit is that it could intensify your need to be in control. Avoid power struggles or control trips with friends. Focus on exercise, Yoga and any other type of body and energy-awareness activities will be important.   You may feel more worried, vulnerable and irritable and avoid over-working. Be aware of unconscious patterns and negative thoughts that bubble up and remember to dismiss them or learn to embrace the darkness and transform it. Be prepared for unexpected surprises and learn to flow with them.


Dispute or conflicts in business could arise.  Be patient with people who are slow to work with.   Your marital partners will need to take better care of health.  Be careful with travel to avoid theft or accidents on trips and make sure that business contracts are clear.  Avoid confrontations with relationships. Avoid erratic changes. Plan trips carefully and stop expecting perfection in partners.


 The fire element or pitta may dominate so stay cool with coconut water and avoid spicy foods.  Avoid taking on new debts and be defensive when driving to avoid accidents. Avoid confrontations with enemies.   Avoid temptations to drown anger and frustration with drugs or alcohol. Find time to learn alternative healing modalities and body work.  Too much change may create unsettled energy. Plan carefully and do not rush around like a chicken to avoid accidents.


Be vigilant with your children’s safety.  The mind may seem agitated during this period and so find ways to calm it with judgment. Do not let you your anger impact your judgment.   Romance fights are possible . Watch investments which could be more volatile and make sure you make decisions that are rational. There may be extra energy for creativity and recreation so use the time to create something great or take up theatre. Be patient with your restless mind.  You may want to change spiritual teachers but evaluate in the light of common sense.


Be vigilant with home and auto repairs ad your mother’s health.  Be careful with electrical problems around home and automobile and make sure you have surge protectors for summer thunderstorms.  Watch out for home toxins. Avoid speeding on the road as Martian energy may be strong and you could become reckless. Home life will be unsettled. Hidden mental problems may create a sense of being unsettled on a psychological or spiritual dimension and you might be hypersensitive.  Find ways to transform this energy.


Avoid being too aggressive and watch violence if you get impulsive. This may come out verbally.  Be more humble and avoid the need for attention. Avoid conflicts with siblings and neighbors. Be sure to protect and take care of ears, hands and neck and shoulders to avoid injuries.  Good time for technical and creative writing projects and make sure to take care of your computer. Join a debate club or toastmasters if you need to express argumentative energy. Younger siblings  may have difficulties or be subject to accidents. Be clear with contracts to avoid confusion and future problems. Be aware of unconscious sexual drives and energy and aggressive energy that could turn violent and find creative ways through exercise to release the tension so it does not harm anyone.  


Watch savings and finances carefully and do not get into heavy investment risks with money you cannot avoid losing.  Watch out for thieves and get rich schemes. Stay on top of bad habits like overeating or using abusive substances. Take good care with your teeth and be disciplined about care to avoid costly dental bills.  Protect your lips with healing balm and oils.


Watch aggressive behavior and your temper and be patient by taking up yoga or meditation to calm things.   Watch your head when getting into automobiles to avoid injuries. Cool your body with coconut water and pitta-pacifying foods to stay cool. Avoid arguments.  Allow time to go into your cave and enjoy silence and meditation. Make sure you get plenty of exercises to work off excessive anger and energy.

There will be a strong desire to change your life, your habits, your clothes, your work.  Be patient with the intensity and make sure your desire for change is going to be for the better.


Watch expenditure by staying on top of savings and not buying what you do not need.  Unexpected expenses could surface. Good time to take a meditation retreat to calm things down.  Sleep may be disturbed so learn techniques to calm the mind down before you go to bed. Avoid violent movies before you go to bed or you will rerun them in your sleep and keep it unsettled. Drink calming herbal teas to quiet the situation.   Sexual encounters may be frustrating or angry. Finances cam be irregular. Find ways to stay ground and in your body as if you meditate too much, you may have problems.


Avoid loaning money to siblings or friends. Watch out for get rich quick schemes.   Avoid over-spending. Team sports may be a good way to get rid of aggressive energy but expect conflict and tension. If you get into new social group or political groups, there may be a lot rumblings and discontent and need to speak out aggressively. Find a way to channel that energy with exercise and team sports or you will be hurt by group interactions. Cash flow could be erratic for income so be careful with budgeting.

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