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33 Vastu Tips For Your Home

  1. Avoid keeping cash and valuables in NW of the house as it may lead to excessive spending.
  2. Incorporating in home yellow and green colors help to enhance mental stimulation and intelligence.
  3. Avoid facing S or W while sitting at your desk as it might make you feel drowsy.
  4. If you want to create a feeling of spaciousness, especially in a room with low ceiling, use the light that shines upward.
  5. If you work a lot on the computer, surround yourself with green color and plants. This will allow your eyes to rest and will enhance your focus.
  6. Power zone of a house is Brahmasthan. Allow the space there to be open and unobstructed so the energy may flow harmoniously.
  7. Light yellow is a good color for office, as it is mentally stimulating and at the same time not distracting.
  8. Facing E while working brings inspiration.
  9. Avoid keeping mirror near your child’s study table, as it will obstruct his/her concentration.
  10. Never keep shoes under your work/study table. This is your holy place.
  11. Always park your car on NW from your home.
  12. Never keep damaged devices in your home. It creates negative energy.
  13. Mirrors should be always placed on N or E wall.
  14. Land on which house is going to be built should be elevated in S, SW or W area.
  15. Land on which house is going to be built should be clean from bones, trash, toxic substances and charcoal.
  16. It is best to keep herbs and medicines on NE side of your home. It will enhance their effect.
  17. It is best to cook while facing E.
  18. Red color in bedroom increases passion.
  19. Keeping rose quartz in bedroom brings more love into the relationship.
  20. It is best to have the altar on E side of house or room.
  21. It is best to keep electrical devices on SE side of house or room.
  22. It is best to keep groceries on NW side of kitchen or home.
  23. Keeping Meru pyramid on N attracts wealth and helps in business.
  24. Keeping Meru pyramid on E helps in good health and strengthens personality.
  25. Violet color in the bedroom is very beneficial for healthy sleep.
  26. Keeping decorative fountain in NE corner strengthens spiritual vibrations.
  27. Keeping mirror in dining room enriches relationships between family members.
  28. If SW corner of the home is very exposed to sunlight, keep tall and heavy plants there.
  29. If SW corner of the home is very exposed to sunlight, keep heavy curtains in darker color there.
  30. It is best to keep spiritual books on NE corner of home or room.
  31. Any kind of art is best to do in SE corner of the home, as this is the direction connected to Venus.
  32. To increase love in a relationship, light candles in SE corner of the house.
  33. Meditate in NE corner of home or room, and always face E while meditating.

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