By Transit Mars is in the sign of Virgo from Aug 18th to Oct 3rd. Here is an imaginary chit-chat between Mars and the characters from the tv show – Friends!

Mars in Virgo: Hey everyone! How you doing? 

Joey: I think the real question is, how you doin’?

Mars in Virgo: Ah, good to see someone is keeping the vibes positive. So, have you guys noticed anything different lately?

Monica: Are you kidding? I’ve re-organized my apartment three times this week, and it’s only Wednesday!

Mars in Virgo: Haha, Monica, you’re clearly vibing with my Virgo energy! It’s all about improvement and organization.

Monica: I know!!!!

Rachel: Ugh, that’s why I’ve been so critical of everyone at work! I even told Gunther he was making the coffee wrong.

Mars in Virgo: That’s the critical eye coming into play, Rachel. Just make sure to harness it for good, like improving customer service or something.

Ross: Is that why I’ve been so focused on the tiny inaccuracies in my dinosaur bone models?

Mars in Virgo: Precisely, Ross! The attention to detail is a Virgo trait.

Phoebe: So what you’re saying is, it’s not a bad thing that I’ve been revising my songs to make them more—uh—melodically consistent?

Mars in Virgo: That’s right, Phoebe! Even “Smelly Cat” can benefit from a little fine-tuning.

Chandler: Could I be any more obsessed with grammar lately? Seriously, I’ve become the grammar police at work.

Mars in Virgo: Welcome to the club, Chandler. Your jokes will now be 100% more grammatically correct, thus 100% funnier… maybe.

Monica: So what should we do to really make the most of this energy?

Mars in Virgo: Keep doing what you’re doing but aim for balance. Don’t let the quest for perfection make you overly critical or anxious.

Rachel: Like, maybe I could focus on improving the shop’s fashion displays instead of just criticizing?

Mars in Virgo: Exactly, Rachel! Turn that critical eye into an eye for beauty and improvement.

Joey: So, does that mean I should finally learn my lines before showing up at auditions?

Mars in Virgo: You’re catching on, Joey! You might even get callbacks for roles other than “Man #3.”

Ross: And I could actually finish my paper on sedimentary layering inconsistencies!

Phoebe: And I can finish my new song, “Organized Chaos!”

Chandler: And I can…well, I’m not sure what I can do, but it’s going to be grammatically impeccable!

Mars in Virgo: Excellent! You guys are getting the hang of it. Remember, use the Virgoan energy for improvement and balance, not for obsessive worrying.

All Friends: Got it, thanks Mars!

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