Saturn is already in retrograde in the sign of Aquarius and soon Jupiter will turn retrograde in the sign of Aries on September, 4th.

Here is an imaginary cosmic chit-chat between the 2 planets!

Jupiter: Hey Saturn, what’s up? You’re looking a bit… blue.

Saturn: Blue? That’s rich coming from you. You’re the one who’s spinning backward in Aries, the sign of impulsiveness. How’s that going for you?

Jupiter: Oh, you know, just rethinking a couple of life goals, making people question their leadership skills, the usual. But enough about me; what are you up to in Aquarius?

Saturn: Ah, I’m causing some disruptions in social structures, making people rethink their roles in society. You know, a little chaos never hurt anybody.

Jupiter: Chaos? Ha! People under my influence are becoming “spiritual warriors,” okay? I’m basically running a celestial self-help seminar up here!

Saturn: Spiritual warriors? Is that what we’re calling impulsive, overconfident folks these days?

Jupiter: Hey, Aries may make me impulsive, but it is also about courage and initiative! Unlike you, Mr. “Let’s rethink every decision and potentially delay everything because I’m retrograde.”

Saturn: “Delay” is another word for “wisdom,” my friend. If only you had some of it, we wouldn’t have so many people going on shopping sprees they’ll regret later.

Jupiter: Hah! Shopping sprees? At least I’m not making them build panic rooms and stock up on canned goods like it’s the end of the world.

Saturn: Touché. But remember, after my retrograde, they’ll have a well-organized society. After yours? They’ll have, what, a gym membership they don’t use and a half-finished novel?

Jupiter: Well, that half-finished novel could be the next great American classic, you never know!

Saturn: Sure, and one of my tech startups could be the next big thing. Let’s agree to disagree.

Jupiter: Fine, but don’t come running to me when you need a little inspiration or a dash of good luck.

Saturn: And don’t come to me when you realize you need a solid plan and some discipline. We’ll see who has the last laugh when we go direct!

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