Mercury, a planet of intelligence and communication, turns retrograde in Pisces-Uttara Bhadrapada on March 5th and reverses into Aquarius-Purva Bhadrapada on March 19th before turning direct on March 28th. 

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This is one of three such retrograde spells in a year, of which this may be termed a ‘medium’, lasting for a full twenty-three days for thirteen degrees backward movement. Very long and slow retro periods are particularly challenging, but this present one maintains its pace and need not to create too much alarm. There are still archetypal issues associated with Mercury retro – delays and thwarted communication, mistakes in media and commerce and a general extra struggle to get your message across. Money on a good editor and proof-reader is well-spent.

This is not a time to release a book, launch a website or exchange contracts on a house; in fact, all major purchases and commitments are suspect, so best to wait until April when you can see the whole picture. It’s wise also to allow more time to travel and reach your destination: keep track of your luggage. On the plus side, old faces return, someone you haven’t heard from for a while, or forgotten about. This person either rekindles permanent contact or touches base and gives a perspective – there is often a noticeable deja vu quality to these meetings, which may be random and unexpected. Likewise, a third party often provides the catalyst for a new job or relationship and once your business is done disappears again.

Anyone you meet for the first time during Mercury retro often has a time-limited and fated quality in your life. Revive an old project and return to your master plan with a new vision – a job, ambition or vacancy you didn’t get before resurfaces, and now you’ve got all the credentials and experience.

This is a great time for reflection and meditation, and your yoga practice steps up a notch. Immerse yourself in a private space and catch up on the reading matter you have promised yourself. A chance to travel comes around again and you venture further afield than before – allow extra time to arrive.

Fundraising helps you to help other people and you throw your energy into a wider cause. You are the voice for a wider group and people look to you for inspiration. You can also chase up money-making opportunities for yourself and a plan you shelved previously comes around again.

News reaches you at the office and you get the first refusal on a job posting that has reopened. You are a PR and salesperson and have valuable intelligence to share. Your skills and experience are up to any task now, but remember an even better job may be waiting further up the road.


You have time to study widely and a teacher gives you a new perspective to ponder. Explore an area of knowledge that you have explored in the past and discover more about it. Take it slowly if you are posting a book or website – oversight can creep in, so make sure you are across all the details.

You are fascinated with spiritual knowledge and your psychic faculties are sharp, so keep a notepad handy for your insights. You delve deeper into subjects you would usually overlook and explore your connection with someone close to you.  You’re not content to rest with easy answers.

A shared laugh is a perfect introduction and you see a familiar face in a new light. Conversation is key in all your relationships and you need someone who is open to any discussion. A catch-up chat with an old friend gives you a new outlook and you appreciate how much you have missed them.

Renew your exercise program and start over again with your healthy diet. You have a sharp eye for detail and speaking up now saves time and trouble later. Be mindful before starting a job that gets you to another level – something better surfaces later on that you can’t even imagine now.

You go by intuition and your meditation and mantra-chanting steps up another level. Express yourself in style and try your hand at creative writing – an idea from the past is your guide. Even your simple letter writing has an artistic touch, and you have important news to share as well.

Moving and improving your home comes up again and now you take practical steps to make it happen. Look into information you forgot about and chase up an old lead from a reliable source. A family occasion takes a lot of organizing, so allow yourself extra time and space to work.

A diary gives you memories to look back on for inspiration in the future. A delayed reply from a friend changes your plans and you are happy to switch to a different plan. Still, be careful before committing to a temporary measure, as your original opportunity may open up again.

You can invest family money to get a project started, and finance may still reach you in time. Explore a money-making option and open discussions, but keep all options on the table. The chance comes to make a long-desired purchase but wait before committing – a still better price may await later.

Representing a cause or making a case, your speech and communication are fluent as you make up for lost time. You take another opportunity to speak up and make your views known. Wait before giving yourself over to one position and leave yourself room to maneuver before the last minute.