Lunar eclipse is a powerful time for meditation, contemplation, prayers, mantras, japa and other spiritual practices. It is wise to look within and tune yourself to spiritual vibrations and avoid materialistic pursuits.

This is not a favorable time to make any important decisions such as job change, marriage, moving into a new home, high value purchases, investments etc. Be aware of heightened emotional tides.


New York – 8 Nov, 2022 04:02 am to 09:56 am & Visibility – Yes
London – 8 Nov, 2022 08:02 am to 01:56 pm & Visibility – No
Mumbai – 8 Nov, 2022 01:32 pm to 07:26 pm & Visibility – Yes

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Lunar Eclipse in Bharani Nakshatra

This lunar eclipse is happening in Bharani Nakshatra, presided by Lord Yama. This is a powerful time to let go of patterns, things and people that no longer support your evolution.

Bharani is also the natural Sampat tara so there may be some revelations about what you truly value in your life. You will also notice that you constantly seeking validation from others during this time, it is important to be aware of this tendency.

The Shakti or power of this Nakshatra is “Apabharani Shakti” the power to carry things away, so be open and ready to let go of all the negativity that’s been bothering you for years. This is the nakshatra of cleansing, so techniques such as Sudarshan Kriya is extremely powerful during this time.

Rituals and Remedies

For personalized rituals and mantras that you can chant based on your own birth chart, please download the align27 app.

Here are some generic rituals you can do.

  1. Chant Aum Namah Shivaya as many times as you possibly can starting today. When you chant it during the eclipse time, it is extremely powerful.
  2. Worship Lord Dattareya with the mantra 108 times – Aum Namo Bhagavate Dattatreyaya.
  3. Listen to or chant the Vishnu Sahasranama. It is extremely powerful during the Lunar Eclipse.
  4. Recite, listen to or meditate on Ganesha Atharvasirsha.
  5. Meditation – this is extremely important and it will help you forge ahead in difficult and tough situations.
  6. Honor your ancestors – Pray for them, be grateful to them and seek their blessings and help.
  7. Donate – donation done during eclipse times is extremely powerful and beneficial so do not limit yourself in what you can do to help people without expecting anything in return.
  8. Listen to or chant the Durga Suktam.
  9. Avoid venturing out during this time, but if you have work that cannot be avoided, please listen to Margabandhu Stotram for protection.

Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Avoid looking at the moon.
  2. Take a shower before and after the eclipse. – Do not bathe during the eclipse
  3. It is best to fast during the time of the eclipse.
  4. Do not eat food that is exposed to the eclipse, please cook fresh food after the eclipse.
  5. Chant “Vishnu, Vishnu, Vishnu” before you drink or eat anything. Make this a daily habit.
  6. Do not commence any new projects during this time.
  7. Avoid power struggles during this time. Be patient and let time be the healer. Do not react to situations immediately. Take a pause and think it through.