After winning over Ravnana in Lanka, Lord Rama returned to Ayodha with Sita, Lakshman and Lord Hanuman.
The joy and enthusiasm of Lord Hanuman was such that, he was the ONLY one doing all the services to Lord Rama. Lakshmana, Bharat, Shatrughna(The brothers of Lord Rama) felt they did not have any opportunity to serve their Lord and brother Rama. So they went to Sita for help. Sita was not surprised at this, she told them she was also in the same situation, and Lord Hanuman did all the work for Lord Rama at a lightning speed and She did not have anything left to be done for Lord Rama.
So they decided to fix this problem, and started writing down the entire list of services that needs to be performed for Lord Rama, and assigned it to themselves, leaving behind Lord Hanuman. They took this list to Lord Rama for approval, and he instantly noticed that Lord Hanuman’s name was not there for any service, but he understood their plight and agreed to it.

When Lord Hanuman saw the list, he had tears in his eyes because he did not have anything assigned to him. He went to Sita and the Lakshmanan and asked if he could do any service that is not mentioned in this list. Lakshmana was confident that there is nothing left, so he agreed anyway. Then Hanuman said i will do the yawning service – Whenever Lord yawns i will snap my finger to protect him from evil effects. Looking at the innocence and love of Lord Hanuma, sita agreed.

No one can predict when a person would yawn, so this made Lord Hanuman to be by Rama’s side all the time. He was so alert and was always ready to snap his finger. It was end of the day and lord rama was preparing to sleep and asked Hanuman to get some rest. Lord Hanuman did not want to leave rama, but he had no other choice but to obey his lord. But he kept thinking how he can always snap his finger when his lord yawns. So he went to the balcony and kept snapping his finger throughout the night chanting his Lord’s name. Lord Rama started yawning repeatedly, and soon his mouth was stuck and he became exhausted. Everyone present in the kingdown grew anxious at this situation, and did not know why Lord Rama was yawning so many times.

Soon, they found Lord Hanuman in the terrace snapping his fingers and calling out his Lord’s name, and when they made him stop, Lord Rama recovered immdiately.

So it was Lord Rama who was yawning at every finger snap of Lord Hanuman, even though everyone thought it was Lord Hanuman snapping his finger everytime his lord was yawning. This shows the pure love that was reciprocated by Lord Rama. Pure devotion and love is always accepted by God. After this episode, Sita, lakshmanan and others understood that there is nothing greater than devotion and love of Lord Hanuman for Lord Rama, so they decided that Lord Hanuman can continue to do all the services for his lord.

This story shows us the power of devotion, love and service.

Yasya tvetaani chatvaari
vanarendra yathaa tava l
Smrutir dhrutir matir daakshyam
sa karmasu na seedati ll 1.198 l

– Verse from Sundara Kandam

“Whoever has the four qualities – Determination, Vision, Intelligence and Perfection – will never fail in any task!”

This is a big clue again to handle the saturn energy. This is exactly what saturn is trying to teach us – Lord Hanuman is an embodiment of all these. And that is one of the reasons why worshipping Lord Hanuman helps us handle the energies of Saturn.