Mantras is one of the safest and best upaya (remedy) to any astrological problem. Man means mind or thoughts and tra means to protect, so the mantra is nothing but a divine armour!

Mantra can be internalized in five stages

1. Likhita Japa

Likhita japa is the written version of mantra repetition. When done with devotion and faith It can facilitate a deep connection with the mantra. You can start by keeping a notebook just for your mantras and write it down everyday! You will soon realize that it is such a meditative experience! When you write you translate your thoughts into actions! The body mind coordination happens effortless while writing the mantra. It seems to be simple but extremely effective!

2. Vaikhari

Vaikhari is the oral recitation of the mantra. The sanskrit letters when said out loud creates a profound energy field around you filled with the vibration of the mantra you chant.

3. Upamshu

Reciting the mantra through whispering is called upamshu. We usually start by repeating the mantra orally, so our own ears can listen to it and our brains can register it, Then. Slowly move to Upamshu japa.

4. Manasa

Manasa is the mental repetition of a mantra without sound. It is extremely powerful and when you practice it, you will notice how the breath becomes subtle and aligns to the vibration of the mantra.

5. Ajapa – The constant awareness of the mantra and it’s vibration is Ajapa. As the practice evolves, there comes a pervasive awareness of the mantra, subtler than both the syllables and any surface level meaning or definition. This constant awareness is the meaning of Ajapa-Japa of the mantra.