Lakshmi Panchami is celebrated on the 5th waxing lunar day of the Vedic month of chaitra to honor Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune.

In 2024, Lakshmi Panchami falls on 12th April, 2024. (For local timings download the Cosmic Insights app)

This day also is known as Shri Panchami. Shri is another name for Goddess Lakshmi.

If you seek to strengthen Venus in your birth chart, Lakshmi Panchami presents an opportune moment to do so.

Lakshmi Panchami Rituals

  1. Begin the day by offering flowers, particularly lotus flowers, and coconuts to Goddess Lakshmi. The coconut, referred to as Shri Phalam, symbolizes the fruit that is dear to Shri, another name for Lakshmi.
  2. The recitation or listening to Sri Suktam, a revered hymn dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, is considered auspicious on Lakshmi Panchami.
  3. The essence of Goddess Lakshmi lies in her complete awareness of the final goal (lakshya). Her clarity and unwavering focus center on her ultimate goal: Lord Vishnu. Engage in activities that foster spiritual growth, such as meditation, reading scriptures, and listening to spiritual discourses, to align yourselves with the divine energy represented by Lakshmi.
  4. Lakshmi Panchami is also a time for giving back to the community. You can donate cosmetics to young women or extend support to individuals engaged in creative endeavors such as music, arts, and poetry
  5. Chant or listen to Mahalakshmi Ashtakam on this auspicious day. This hymn glorifies Goddess Lakshmi and seeks her blessings for abundance, success, and fulfilment.

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