Jupiter the greatest Guru after a period of two years is entering the sign of his friend Mars in early October. Jupiter represents expansion, he is a teacher, the harbinger of knowledge and this transit can be multi-faceted in nature.

In this article, we look at the Gochara (transit) of Guru or Jupiter. The largest of the planets in our Solar system with about 79 moons revolving around it, Jupiter is a one of a kind planet. The gravitational pull of Jupiter is the strongest and acts as a shield to protect the Earth from any heavenly body that may be trying to enter the solar system.

Jupiter takes around 12 years to move around the entire zodiac. Hence Jupiter transits are transformational. Jupiter enters Scorpio in early October 2018 and will move at a very fast pace and enter Sagittarius by end of March 2019 before retrograding back to Scorpio after which it again turns direct and will continue to be in Scorpio through mid-2019, before moving to Sagittarius in the first week of November 2019.

Usually transits or gochara are seen from the Moon sign since it affects an individual at a mental level. Let us understand how this transit may affect your Moon sign.

NoteThese are generic predictions based on your moon sign, but based on your own birth chart, the dasha period you are running etc., you may have different experiences.

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Aries Moon: This transit is going to take place in your eighth house of the occult, hidden secrets, changes, transformation. It may bring changes which may be pronounced if any planets are placed here, It is time to get into meditation and spirituality which might help in imbibing the positive effects of this Jupiter Transit in your 8th house.

Taurus Moon: This transit is taking place in your 7th house of partnerships and alliances so this is going to be a good transit. If you are searching for a partner whether it may be for Business or life, it may be a good time to start now especially in October 2018 when Jupiter is in his own Nakshatra Vishaka. To make this transit fruitful make sure to engage in activities that will help you bond with your partner be it Business partner or life partner.

Gemini Moon: This transit will take place in your 6th house. If you are in litigation this may be a good time to sort things out and start a dialogue with your enemies. If you have postponed any health-related concerns until now, it is a good time to give it some attention. For those with jobs, this is a good period and you may see some improvement either position wise or monetarily. Praying to Dakshinamurti or Vamana avatar of Vishnu would be beneficial during this period.

Cancer Moon: This transit is taking place in the 5th house for you. For those who are planning to start a family, this may be a good time. You may find yourself drawn to many activities around kids. You may also like to enroll in programs/classes that spark your creativity in general. Be sure to engage yourself with creative people, young adults in some sort of way to get the beneficial energy of this transit.

Leo Moon: This transit is taking place in your 4th house. The projects around the home that you may have been procrastinating so far may now get the right attention. This is also a good time to attend to your mother’s needs. Pray to any form of Shakti that you may identify as your cosmic mother in order to get the blessings from this transit.

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Virgo Moon: This transit is taking place in your third house. You would get to spend more time with your family be it your siblings, father or mother. If you are looking for a partner, now may be a good time to put in the efforts into it since Jupiter would help your search. Planning short trips with your family may be in the anvil; if a visit to a temple or any holy place is included in this trip that would bring in the beneficial energy of this transit.

Libra Moon: This transit is taking place in your second house. You may get job opportunities that you were looking for; you may get gains from marriage, increase in wealth in general. Take care of your speech importantly to ensure you get all the benefits of this transit. Keeping mum in matters that do not need your opinion may be beneficial. Fasting on Thursdays would be highly recommended.

Scorpio Moon: This transit is taking place in your 1st house of self, the physical body appearance. The transit is good for you, you may end up meeting scholars and Gurus, you may have a sudden inclination towards higher knowledge, you may enter a creative field of study, or plan for a family. Take extra care of your food indulgences and be more disciplined in this aspect. Jupiter the planet of expansion enters the first house representing the physical body, plus he would also be the one who controls the second house (Sagittarius) of food habits. Fasting on Thursdays would be highly recommended.

Sagittarius Moon: This transit is taking place in your 12th house and you may be inclined towards spiritual pilgrimages, retreats now more than ever. This may bring in travel across seas to other lands. Planning a wellness retreat with your close ones may help you greatly during the transit.

Capricorn Moon: This transit is taking place in the 11th house of gains and friends. There may be benefit from friends, you may have a sudden increase in income/wealth in general. This may be a good time to seek alliances if you are planning to enter into partnership or planning for marriage. Be kind to your friends and providing them with counseling if needed, lending a helping hand in general.

Aquarius Moon: This transit is taking place in your 10th house of career. This would bring in big shifts in your career, you may get your first job if you are a student or may move to a better position in terms of monetary benefits. Overall a very good period to reap all that you have been working hard for. Be respectful towards your colleagues especially the senior ones with good Business/technical/product knowledge for they may help you get the right opportunity.

Pisces Moon: This transit is taking place in the 9th house of the father, higher education etc. Overall this is a very good period for you and you may be able to meet your Guru, attend spiritual pilgrimage and get benefits from your children to name a few. Meditate on your favorite cosmic Guru and seek his blessing during this period.

What if this transit is studied not just from the mental or moon but also from physical or lagna and spiritual or sun sign. Let us also bring in the degree of separation that this transit enjoys in relation to your natal Jupiter. This will give you a different perspective altogether. In general, transits are studied from the natal moon which indicates how the transit would affect mentally. But we can use the same to understand the transit from your natal sun for how you will be affected spiritually or from Lagna or ascendant to understand how this transit is going to affect you physically. You as readers, need to bring this all together to understand what this transit has in store for you.

Reciting any Jupiter Mantra, fasting on Thursdays, being kind to teachers, spending time with kids would help to bring in beneficial energies of Jupiter. Here’s hoping that this transit is beneficial to everyone.

||Sarve janah sukhino bhavantu||