Karana is one of the 5 limbs of the panchang (vedic almanac) and is connected to the Earth Element. The karanas provide a unique and nuanced understanding of the energies that influence each day. Each karana is associated with a specific animal symbol, and these symbols offer insights into the types of activities and actions that are auspicious during that time.

There are 11 karanas.

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  1. Bava Karana (Lion): This karana is symbolized by the lion and is conducive to activities that promote health, comfort, and overall well-being. It is particularly auspicious for healing activities, making it an ideal time for seeking medical treatment, rest, and rejuvenation.
    Ruling Planet – Sun
  2. Balava Karana (Tiger): The tiger represents Balava Karana, which is associated with charitable deeds and donations. This karana encourages acts of kindness and generosity, making it an excellent time for giving to those in need or supporting charitable causes.
    Ruling Planet – Moon
  3. Kaulava Karana (Boar): Kaulava Karana, symbolized by the boar, is favorable for social activities and fostering friendships. It encourages social interactions, gatherings, and strengthening relationships with others.
    Ruling Planet – Mars
  4. Taitila Karana (Ass/Donkey): The donkey represents Taitila Karana, which is suited for public works and constructive projects. Activities such as the construction of tanks, dams, resting places, and other public infrastructure are well-supported during this time.
    Ruling Planet – Mercury
  5. Gara Karana (Elephant): The elephant signifies Gara Karana, which is aligned with agricultural pursuits. It is an auspicious time for tasks like tilling the land, sowing seeds, and building houses, especially those related to agriculture.
    Ruling Planet – Jupiter
  6. Vanija Karana (Buffalo): Vanija Karana is symbolized by the buffalo and is favorable for Sthirakarmas, which include activities like constructing a house, setting up a business, and engaging in trade pursuits, as suggested by its name.
    Ruling Planet – Venus
  7. Visti Karana (Horse): The horse represents Visti Karana, known for its association with aggressive and violent actions. This karana is suitable for activities that involve conflict, such as battles, opposition, or dealings with poisonous substances.
    Ruling Planet – Saturn
  8. Shakuni Karana (Dog): Like Bava, Shakuni Karana is conducive to healing activities, including the use of medicines. It also possesses potent energy for practicing black magic and working with powerful mantras under the guidance of a qualified Guru.
    Ruling Planet – Rahu
  9. Chatuspada Karana (Goat): The goat represents Chatuspada Karana, which is suitable for activities related to caring for cows, serving Brahmins, ancestor offerings etc.
    Ruling Planet – Ketu
  10. Naga Karana (Ox): Naga Karana, symbolized by the ox, is suitable for Sthirakarma (steady and stable actions) and, like Visti, for cruel or violent deeds. This karana is associated with covert activities, espionage, and actions conducted in secrecy.
    Ruling Planet – Rahu
  11. Kimstughna Karana (Cock): The cock represents Kimstughna Karana, which is excellent for healing, akin to Bava and Shakuni. It is a favorable time for seeking medical remedies, especially for challenging and difficult-to-cure ailments.
    Ruling Planet – Ketu