Sage Parashara’s Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra emphasizes the significance of Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna in astrology. The Hora Lagna is crucial for understanding financial prosperity, while the Ghatika Lagna is instrumental in analyzing matters pertaining to status and power.

When a planet is associated with these special lagnas, it has the potential to confer favorable outcomes in financial and power-related domains.

Karta – The Doer

When a planet is linked to these unique lagnas or the lagna itself, it becomes a “karta.” The association may occur through conjunction, aspect, or house lordship.

For instance, suppose an individual’s Hora Lagna is located in the sign of Cancer, and they have Rahu placed in Cancer. In that case, the “kartas” would be Rahu (via conjunction) and Moon (via the lordship of the sign Cancer). Moreover, if the same person has Saturn positioned in Aquarius, then Saturn also becomes a “karta” because the aspects under consideration are Rashi aspects.

If a planet is linked with the lagna, it plays a vital role in aspects like vitality and personal development. In the case of Hora Lagna, it primarily influences financial prosperity. Similarly, if it’s connected with Ghatika Lagna, it pertains to matters related to power and status.

The outcomes can be achieved during the planet’s “dasha” or “antar dasha” periods.

Kevala – The Double Doer

When the planet that acts as a “Karta” is also the ruler of the Moon sign, it holds twice the power to confer its outcomes and becomes significantly powerful.

Yogada – The Yoga Giver

When a planet connects the lagna with either Hora Lagna or Ghatika Lagna through conjunction, aspect, or ownership, it becomes the “Yogada” – the one who provides significant yogas related to wealth and power.

For instance, consider an individual whose ascendant and Hora Lagna are both in Cancer. In this case, the planet Moon becomes the common factor between these two lagnas and hence, it becomes the “Yogada”.

In case this planet governs the Moon sign as well, it transforms into the “Kevala Yogada” with amplified capabilities.

Maha Yogada – The Great Yoga Giver

If a single planet is associated with all three lagnas – lagna, Hora Lagna, and Ghatika Lagna, it acquires enormous power and becomes a “Maha Yogada.” Moreover, if this planet also rules the Moon sign, it gains even more strength and becomes a “Kevala Maha Yogada.”

Karta, Kevala, Yogada, Maha Yogada on the Cosmic Insights App.

To locate these planets according to your birth chart, simply follow these steps using the Cosmic Insights app:

  1. Open or download the Cosmic Insights app.
  2. Either create your profile or navigate to your existing one.
  3. Look up the “Yogada” feature. (using the Search icon on the top right corner).
  4. The Yogada module will provide you with all the pertinent information.