There are various Lagnas (Ascendants) in Jyotish and one of them is the Hora Lagna. The Hora Lagna takes 60 minutes to traverse a sign, and is twice as fast as the Bhava Lagna which takes 120 minutes.

The Hora Lagna is connected to the 2nd house of sustenance. Pandit Sanjay Rath has spoken a lot on this topic and says that the Hora Lagna represents the concept of wealth, as well as what inspires us. Each of us has a unique definition of what wealth means to us, and of course it’s not just about money.

The house that the Hora Lagna falls in indicates what becomes important to you. For example, if it falls in the 7th house, relationships and partnerships become very important to you and if it’s in the 2nd house, family and sustenance become important.

The lord of the sign occupied by the Hora Lagna is an important indicator of wealth. For example, if the Hora Lagna is in Cancer, the Moon is the Hora Lagna lord and if the Moon is placed in the 5th house then it can be strengthened by mantras or by having children, both of which are connected with the 5th house.

B.V. Raman, one of the most prominent Vedic astrologers in the world had his Hora Lagna in Virgo in the 8th house of occult sciences, with Ketu in the same house. Ketu can also denote your past life. So it could be said that Jyotish was a past life gift for B.V. Raman.

Ramana Maharishi, the revered spiritual Guru had his Hora Lagna in the sign of Cancer, and the Moon as its lord is in the 9th house of Guru and Meditation.

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