Worshipping Lord Hanuman is one of the best remedies for Saturn and it is a well known fact.

I wanted to write this post about how worshipping Lord Hanuman can be the perfect solution for every Atma Karaka. 

Atma Karaka or soul planet is the planet with the highest degree in your chart. You can find your Atma Karaka using this free report.

Sun as Atma Karaka 

One of the most important lessons for the Sun Atmakaraka is overcoming pride and ego.

The Sun (pride) gets debilitated in the sign of Libra ruled by Venus (Bhakti). Hanuman means “broken chin”, the chin represents pride and Hanuman means someone who is devoid of pride, 

In fact Lord Hanuman got HIS name when HE was struck in the jaw by Lord Indra when HE attempted to grab and swallow the Sun (Pride).

During the exile of Pandavas in the forest, Draupadi felt a deep desire to possess a flower known as Saugandhika.

She requested Bheema to get her that flower. Bheema obliged and walked towards the dense forest from where the fragrance was coming. On his way, he saw a huge monkey resting on his path, blocking

his way. He asked the monkey to get up and clear the way for him. The monkey was in no mood to oblige. 

 Bheema’s words did not have any impact on the monkey, instead the monkey challenged bheema to lift its tail and continue towards his destination. Bheema felt humiliated, but he did not have a choice, so he tried to life the tail – but to his surprise he was not able to! Bheema grew impatient, and frustrated – with all his strength he tried it for one last time, and failed again.

He accepted his defeat and pleaded the monkey to tell him who he was, because he understood that he was not just an ordinary monkey.

Lord Hanuman said – “Bheema, I am that Hanuman, your brother. The path ahead is dangerous, i know you have come for the flower, i will show you the pond from where you can collect the flower. I just came to caution you.”

Bheema was filled with tears  and hugged Lord Hanuman.

Bheema was very strong and powerful, but his ego was one of his biggest weakness, thus in this story Lord Hanuman in a very loving way teaches his brother by stripping him of his ego and making him humble.

Moon as Atma Karaka

One of the most important lessons for Moon Atmakaraka is overcoming emotions and cultivating compassion.

According to Valmiki’s Ramayana, When Hanuman meets Sita at Lanka, HE would ask her to come with her so he can take her back to Lord Ram. 

Sita would refuse to do so and gives him 6 reasons as to why she cannot come with him.

She felt it is appropriate that only Rama should take her back. Hanuman never spoke anything back. Any other person could have felt hurt that someone rejected their noble request to help them. But Lord Hanuman was extremely compassionate and understanding. 

Mars as Atma Karaka

One of the most important lessons for Mars Atmakaraka is inner strength and ahimsa. If Mars is weak, we tend to react in destructive ways when provoked. Lord Hanuman was button proof and never gave into anger or frustration. 

Even though Lord Rama loved his ardent devotee Hanuman, he once was put in a position to kill Hanuman because he did not greet Sage Vishwamitra at the court and Viswamitra was very angry and commanded Rama to punish Hanuman with death by arrows. Rama was obligated to listen to Vishwamitra because he was his Guru. Thus, the next day he asked his men to sentence Hanuman to death by shooting arrows at him. But the arrows caused no harm to Hanuman as he kept chanting Rama’s name. Lord Rama‘s Brahmastra also was of no use against Hanuman’s chanting. Later it was discovered that Narada had instigated Hanuman and asked him to greet all sages but Vishwamitra.

Lord Hanuman has the power to fight and win over anyone. But when he knew that Lord Rama ordered the men to shoot arrows at him, He accepted it and resorted to ahimsa and devotion to protect himself. 

Mercury as Atmakaraka 

One of the most important lessons for Mercury Atmakaraka is their communication and clarity in speech.  People with Mercury as Atma Karaka may have troubles to be precise and speak to the point in conversations. 

There is a sweet little story in Kamba Ramayan which shows truly how Lord Hanuman is called “Sollin Selvan” – meaning the one who possesses the wealth of words!

Lord Hanuman goes in search of Goddess Sita to Lanka while Rama anxiously awaits the return of Lord Hanuman. Using his immense strength and powers, Lord Hanuman finds Goddess Sita, but she would not agree to go back with him because she wanted Lord Rama to come and rescue her. So Lord Hanuman flies back to Lord Rama and notices how eagerly HE was waiting to hear about Goddess Sita. Lord hanuman utters the word “Kanden Seethayai” which translates to “Found Sita” – the choice of words is quite spectacular. He did not want Lord Rama’s heart to be depressed even for that one moment after he pauses after saying “Seethaiyai”- Seetha.  So he would have actually uttered the word “Kanden” (found)first. This also stands as an example for Lord Hanuman’s unconditional love and devotion towards his lord.

Jupiter as Atmakaraka

People with Jupiter as Atma Karaka have to overcome issues with their spiritual teachers or guides as they may have the “I know it all” attitude. They have to learn to become good listeners as they rarely listen and they love to give advices but dont like to take it. 

Lord Hanuman is the perfect disciple. Lord Hanuman is symbolized as a Monkey, and Monkeys are experts in the art of imitation. The observe and imitate. This is one of the strongest quality of a disciple – to be able to imitate their master’s spiritual qualities. 

Nobody in creation can be equal to Hanuman in this scholastic ability of scriptures, yet HE is always present wherever stories of Lord Rama are being shared! 

One day Valmiki came to know that the great Hanuman too had penned the adventures of Rama, engraving the story with his nails on rocks. His curiosity was aroused and he traveled to the Himalayas where Hanuman was residing in order to see this version. 

Valmiki was overwhelmed by the sheer power and depth of devotion of the amazing narrative. It was truly a lofty work, inspired by great love. After finishing the story Valmiki gazed for a long time into the distance. Joy and sorrow flitted over his face. 

He was joyous at having had the chance to read such an exquisite work of art and sad because it obviously overshadowed his own work. Hanuman politely asked him the reason for his sorrow. “O best of sages! Is something wrong? Does the poetry have many faults?” Valmiki turned to him and said, “It is indeed a marvelous bit of work. Every image, every word is alive and pregnant with devotion. There is not and never can be an equal to it. My version, which I created with such pains over a period of twelve years, is no match for the magnificence of your work and will therefore be despised.” 

For a moment Hanuman was dumbstruck. Then he said, “Is that all that is bothering you?” He promptly tore the slabs on which he had scribbled the poem on the mountain and piled them on one shoulder. He placed the aged saint on another shoulder and flew to the ocean. 

When they reached the middle Hanuman called loudly, “May these be an offering to my Lord.” With these words, he threw his own version into the sea, where they raised huge waves before disappearing into the depths of the sea. Valmiki watched speechless, overcome with shame and guilt. “It would have been better,” he thought, “if he had thrown me into the sea and saved that wonderful story.” 

But Hanuman seemed unperturbed and cheerful. He returned the sage to his own hermitage in a trice. “Please don’t worry about this,” he said. “It was just something I did to while away the time!” 

Venus as Atmakaraka

When Venus is negative in a chart it can make the person flirty and impure. One of the most powerful lessons for Venus Atmakaraka people is purity in relationships and to be able to love unconditionally. They should learn to channel the passion in the right way and become more devoted. 

Lord Hanuman as the perfect Brahmacharya is the best example of unconditional love and devotion. 

Once Lord Hanuman saw Sita applying Sindoor and enquired the reason behind it.  Sita explained that she learnt from elders that if she sindoor it is beneficial for the long life of Rama. 

After hearing this, Lord Hanuman went to a shop and acquired bags of sindoor and covered his whole body with it from head to toe. When he came back to the palace, everyone were laughing at HIM. When Lord Rama enquired about this, HE revealed that if Sita can keep a pinch of sindoor for long life of Hanuman, HE is happy to cover HIMSELF in Sindoor so Lord Rama can live a long healthy life. 

Such is the pure love and devotion of Lord Hanuman. 

Saturn as Atmakaraka 

The most important lessons of Saturn as Atma Karaka is to learn to take more responsibility and not run away from pain and suffering. It is important for these people to learn not to hurt others.

Lord Hanuman was the perfect servant. HE offered HIMSELF completely 100% to serve Lord Rama.

Once upon a time Ravana(the demon king) captured Saturn and held him hostage in the darkest dungeon to prevent bad luck, delays and obstacles in his life. When Hanuman was trying to help the people of Lanka, he met Saturn and eased his pain by releasing him from Ravana. Saturn was so grateful and blessed him thus “Those who worship you will never be afflicted by me”

राम दुआरे तुम रखवारे। होत न आज्ञा बिनु पैसारे॥ 

rāma duāre tuma rakahvāre। hota na āgyā binu paisāre॥

This verse in literal translation means  “You are the one who guards the door of Lord Rama and no one can enter it without your permission or command”.

The deeper significance is Lord Hanuman is called Vayu Putra – the son of the wind God Vayu.

Sage Parashara teaches us that the planets are the avatars of Lord Vishnu. Lord Rama is connected to the planet Surya – Sun. The Sun represents our soul, the inner light. To reach the Sun God (Rama) we need the permission of Lord Hanuman (Vayu). So through the practice of Pranayama (Vayu) we are able to activate the Ajna chakra (third eye) and that is the door way to Lord Rama (soul, inner light). 

That is also the reason why the worship of Lord Hanuman is one of the most powerful remedies for Saturn related problems. Saturn is Darkness, Sun is Light. So through Lord Hanuman (Vayu) we get access to the Light (Sun). When there is light there is no darkness. 

Rahu as Atmakaraka

People with Rahu as Atma Karaka have to learn be straightforward and truthful. They should learn not to manipulate and exploit others. They have to focus on going inward.

When Lakshmana (Lord Rama’s brother) was injured during the battle, Lord Rama had sent Hanuman to fetch the potent life restoring herb Sanjivini from the mountains in Himalayas. When Ravana heard this he sends a lot of obstacles to disrupt Hanuman from completing this task. Ravana even resorted to cheating and manipulation to stop Hanuman. But Lord Hanuman with IMMENSE strength lifted the entire mountain on HIS shoulders and flew to the battle field as HE was not able to find the exact herb. 

Lord Hanuman Worship

Reading stories of Lord Hanuman and worshipping HIM sincerely can help us learn the lessons that our Atma Karaka is teaching us.