Mercury retrograde is something that makes news whenever it occurs. If you did not read our post about the significance of Mercury Retrograde you can read it here.

Retrograde Planets are very strong according to Cheshta Bala (strength of motion/movement) showing the will power or desire to move.

So Mercury retrograde is the time where everything that mercury represents in general and in your chart personally is due for a change. This energy will not let you be stagnant. You need wisdom to know how to use this energy in the most beneficial way. That comes through Meditation and other spiritual practices.

Mercury Retrograde Timings

Mercury will be in retrograde from September 9th to October 2nd, 2022. It will retrograde in the sign of Virgo from Hasta Nakshatra into Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra.

Mercury Retrograde in Hata Nakshatra – September 9th to 19th, 2022
Mercury Retrograde in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra – September 19th to October 2nd, 2022

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Mercury Retrograde Insights

  1. Mercury gets exalted in the sign of Virgo and in Hasta Nakshatra. Exalted Mercury can bless us with excellent skills and help us uncover new talents within us. It can also bring about great communication abilities.But when it is retrograde it is important to be very careful with our communication as there is a high chance that we could be misunderstood or misquoted easily.
  2. The power or Shakti of Hasta nakshatra is – Hasta sthapaniya agama shakti which means the power to get what we seek and place it in our own hands (Manifestation). So this period is an a second chance to manifest all your desires.
  3. This is the time to study, research and gather knowledge. Great time to focus and work hard on ongoing projects rather than trying to create something new.
  4. We may deal with a lot of Returns and exchanges while shopping, so do read the fine prints and shop smart.
  5. Mercury represents Skin, so make sure to take good care of your skin and keep yourself hydrated.
  6. When in doubt, just speak and clarify rather than assumptions. Know that the whole world is going through the same Mercury Retrograde. So give people the benefit of doubt and do not jump to conclusions.
  7. By being painfully detail oriented we may end up losing valuable time and hurting people around us.
  8. Best time to get back on those broken promises regarding a healthy diet or an exercise regime. As the sign virgo is the natural 6th house in the zodiac.
  9. The negative side of mercury is Jealousy, so just be aware of this tendency.

Mercury Retrograde Remedies

  1. The deity of Mercury is Lord Vishnu, so please chant a Vishnu mantra everyday (Aum Namo Narayanaya) and listen to, chant or meditate on the Vishnu Sahasranama.
  2. Mercury represents Prithvi Tattva (Earth element) and the sign Virgo is also an earth sign, so you can offer gandham (scented oils or sandal paste) to Lord Ganesha or Lord Vishnu.
  3. Read a book or start writing a journal, this is one of the best remedies for Mercury.
  4. Include more green and leafy vegetables in your diet.
  5. Donate perfumes, books, green vegetables/fruits, camphor, green colored clothing etc. You can also donate to Goshalas or institutions that take care of cows. You can also donate to Mallikārjuna temple in Sri Sailam as this Jyotirlinga is connected to the sign Virgo.
  6. Laughing and clapping activates Hasta Nakshatra. So this is the perfect time to catch up on things that make you laugh and when you feel restless or anxious just clap your hands, you will find immediate relief.
  7. Savitr, the solar deity (one of the 12 Adityas – Sun God) is the deity ruling Hasta Nakshatra and Uttara Phalguni is ruled by the planet Sun. HE is the deity invoked in the most powerful Savitur Gayatri Mantra. So chanting the Gayatri mantra during this transit is highly effective (if you are initiated, if not you can just listen to it).
  8. Meditation – This is the best way to avoid making wrong decisions during this time. It also brings a lot of clarity.
  9. You can observe few minutes of silence every day during Abhijit Muhurta as it is the 10th (karma nakshatra) from Hasta.

You can use the align27 app to find Abhijit Muhurta timings everyday at your location.

To know about how this retrograde will work out for you and your personalized do’s and dont’s during this time download the align27 app.