Bhadrapada Purnima is the day of the Full Moon that occurs during the Vedic calendar month of Bhadrapada. It usually falls in the English months of September or October.

Full Moon, or Purnima, is an auspicious time to honor Lord Vishnu, the Maintainer. On Bhadrapada Purnima, Lord Vishnu is honored as Lord Satyanarayana, the form of Lord Vishnu who symbolizes eternal truth.

The day after Bhadrapada Purnima marks the beginning of Pitru Paksha – the fortnight of our ancestors. In that 16 lunar day period people honor their ancestors with offerings, rituals, and prayers.


2022September 9, 2022, Friday
2023September 28, 2023, Thursday
2024September 17, 2024, Tuesday
2025September 7, 2025, Sunday
2026September 26, 2026, Saturday
2027September 15, 2027, Wednesday
2028September 3, 2028, Sunday
2029September 22, 2029, Saturday
2030September 11, 2030, Wednesday

Bhadrapada Purnima Rituals

  1. Perform the Satya Narayan Puja, if possible. Taking part in this sacred ritual is a way of honoring Lord Satyanarayana, the Lord of Truth. Alternatively you can listen to or recite the Satya Narayan Katha, the Sanskrit chant that honors this form of Lord Vishnu.
  2. Today is an auspicious day to perform the powerful fire ceremony, Mrtunjaya Homa. This homa can help you remove obstacles and bring health and prosperity.
  3. Donate food and clothes to those in need, or to Brahmins if possible. Charity done on Full Moon days is very effective.
  4. Listen to or chant the Vishnu Sahasranama, the powerful chant that lists the thousand names of Vishnu. You can also listen to Sri Suktam, the Vedic chant honoring Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and Fertility.
  5. Chant any of these mantras 108 times:
    ॐ तत् सत् | om tat sat
    ॐ सत्याय नमः | om satyāya namaḥ
    ॐ नमो भगवते सत्यदेवाय | om namo bhagavate satyadevāya

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