Hasta Nakshatra: A Gateway to Manifestation:

Hasta nakshatra carries a profound energy for manifesting desires and placing them within one’s grasp. Its ruling deity, Savitur, represents the Sun God, radiating immense cosmic energy and vitality. The power of Hasta lies in its ability to materialize aspirations and bring them into tangible reality.

Chanting the Savitur Gayatri mantra during the transit of the Moon through Hasta nakshatra is believed to be a powerful ritual to fulfill your wishes and desires. 

The 13th Nakshatra and Career Destiny:

The 13th nakshatra from one’s Janma nakshatra (birth star) holds significant influence over an individual’s career and destiny. Exploring this nakshatra’s attributes and understanding its ruling planet can provide valuable insights for success and fulfillment in professional endeavors. Wearing the color associated with the ruling planet of the 13th nakshatra becomes a hidden clue to unlock the potential for manifesting desires with the assistance of the Sun God.

To tap into the power of Hasta nakshatra and the Sun God’s blessings, follow these steps:

  1. Determine your 13th Nakshatra: Use the Cosmic Insights app to identify the 13th nakshatra from your Janma nakshatra. This will provide a precise understanding of the nakshatra’s influence on your career and destiny.

How to use the Cosmic Insights app to find your 13th Nakshatra

  1. Tap here if you are reading this article from your mobile phone to open the Detailed Tarabala Table feature on the Cosmic Insights app.
  2. If not, search for “Detailed Tarabala Table
  3. Find the 13th Nakshatra (Karma Nakshatra) from that list. 
  4. Tap on the Nakshatra name to find the ruling planet and other attributes of that nakshatra.

2. Chant the Gayatri Mantra: On days when the Moon transits through Hasta nakshatra, recite the Gayatri mantra, which is a sacred hymn dedicated to the Sun God. This practice invokes the Sun’s divine energy and facilitates the fulfillment of desires.

The ritual section of the align27 app reminds you to chant the mantra whenever the Moon transits Hasta nakshatra.

3. Wear the Ruling Planet’s Color: Discover the ruling planet associated with your 13th nakshatra and wear the color represented by that planet. This attire acts as a symbolic connection to the ruling deity and enhances the flow of positive energies.

Planets and Colors 

SunOrangish Red
VenusHalf White