As we all know Sun moved into Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. Sun and Saturn are considered enemies, how does Sun feel in Capricorn? Here is a cosmic conversation between Sun (Surya) and Saturn (Shani).

Shani – Welcome to my home dad, behave yourself here, as you know, more than anything, dharma is important to me and I won’t allow even my own dad to do anything wrong and escape without getting punished.

Surya – Well, I am happy to be here my son. I know you don’t like me, but let me just relax and enjoy my time here in your home (Capricorn).

Shani – Well, whatever!

Surya – Why is it so dark and serious here? Let me turn on the lights and let me cleanse your place.

Shani – Light or darkness, both are the same, people have to realise it. There is no concept called darkness, darkness is mere absence of light anyway. So what is the need to have lights and all that.

Surya – Oh my poor boy, what has happened to you? Anyway, you go about your duty and let me go about mine.

Shani – Well, what is your agenda now ?

Surya – Many things, but the most important is to bring in some light 💡, have some fun and reward people who have been tormented by you.

Shani – Tormented? They are repaying their karma Dad. Don’t mess with me.

Surya – But don’t forget that all of us here, all the 9 planets, are here only to make people realise that they are light and get them started on their inner journey. There are people who are running Saturn mahadasha or antar Dasha or their Sade Sati, Ashtama Shani, Kantaka Shani, Saturn returns etc. etc., you have so many opportunities to have a go at people, my Gosh! But these people have also been performing rituals and remedies to escape you. But what they don’t realise is in the process of doing these rituals they have cleansed me also as I am the indicator of their soul. So let me reward them.

Shani – Ok, look I hate you for what you did to me and my Mother, but since you come visit me here in Capricorn once a year only, let me be patient and get this over with. But don’t overdo things and get into trouble, remember I have just moved into my own house after 30 years!

Surya – I know, and Mercury is here too for a few days, I like being with Mercury as he is playful and light and also intelligent. But i can never figure you out son, any tips?

Shani – Don’t try to figure me out dad, Just do what you are here to do rather than what you want to do. Doing the things that are needed are more important than the things that you love doing. Got it?

Surya – Well, What is needed?

Shani – Face your fears and problems especially when something is a repeating pattern in your life know that it’s me behind that and i am not going to let you in peace unless you make an effort to fix it.

Surya – Okay that’s easy. Anyway we are in Uttara Ashada right now. So we all need some tapas and we should voluntarily let go of things that don’t support our evolution.

Shani – Okay I have to go now. You take care Dad.

Surya – May Light be with you Son.

Shani – Remember Dad, there is no light without me as most people refer to me as darkness!