Sankashti Chaturthi is an extremely powerful day to worship Lord Ganesha – The remover of obstacles. It is celebrated every month on the 4th day after full moon during Krishna Paksha (waning phase of the moon). It is also called Sankata Hara (remover of obstacles) Chathurthi.

During each month a different form of Ganesha is worshipped. This month the form of Lord Ganesha to be worshipped is Bhalachandra (One who is moon crested).

NYC Timings

In 2020, this occurs on March 12th.

March 12th, 2.30 am until March 12th, 11.21 pm
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  1. Chant the mantra – “Aum Bhalachandraya Namaha” 108 times or more. Keep a strong intention that all your obstacles will be removed by Bhalachandra Ganesha today.
  2. Listen to Ganesha Atharvasirsha in the morning and in the evening just before Moonrise.
  3. During Moonrise please bow down, pray and honor the Moon by looking at it. You can check local Moonrise timings on the align27 app.
  4. You can observe a simple fast if you would like. You can finish your fast after the moon sighting ritual. Observing this fast is believed to reduce problems as Ganesha symbolizes the removal of all obstacles and supreme lord of intelligence.

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