Tithi refers to the lunar day or phase of the moon at the time of our birth. It is believed that the tithi we are born with exerts a significant influence on our relationships, love life, marriage, and overall emotional well-being. Each tithi carries its own unique qualities and energies that shape our approach to intimacy and connections with others. Understanding the impact of tithi can provide valuable insights into our emotional nature, helping us navigate relationships with awareness and compassion.

The Detailed Tithi Report on the Cosmic Insights App

This report on the Cosmic Insights App provides you a comprehensive analysis of your birth tithi which includes: 

  1. Tithi, Phase of the Moon, Tithi Group, Tithi Lord and it’s placement
  2. Desire of Tithi, Tithi Bija, Tithi Bhukta Sphuta, Tithi Ksetra Paksha
  3. Tithi Devata and Tithi Goddess
  4. Tithi Attributes – Kala, Element, Planet, Guna, Yogini, Vowel, Stage of Consciousness, Divine Quality, Deity (Muhurta Cintamani), Deity (Varahamihira), Nakshatra Connection, Form of Shiva.
  5. Detailed explanation about your Tithi Goddess
  6. Meditation with your Tithi Goddess
  7. Numerology associated with your Tithi
  8. Yogini in Kalachakra
  9. Shaktis of your Tithi Goddess
  10. Nakshatras connected to your Tithi Goddess
  11. Important Rashis in your birth chart for your Tithi 
  12. Sadhana for your Tithi Goddess
  13. Mantras