The 9th House in Vedic Astrology is the house of Dharma and it is also the house of fortune. This indicates that fortune follows people who follow dharma.

This beautiful Q&A between Lord Dharma and Yudhistira will illuminate the intellect, touch the heart, and provide practical guidance for life. It will also uplift your mind, leaden you to a life that radiates the light of inner joy.

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Lord Dharma : “Does a man always have a friend?”

Yudhistira : “Yes. His intelligence.”

Lord Dharma : “How is intelligence acquired?”

Yudhistira : “By serving one’s elders.”

Lord Dharma : “What is more important than the earth itself?”

Yudhistira : “One’s mother.”

Lord Dharma : “What is higher than heaven?”

Yudhistira : “One’s father.”

Lord Dharma : “What is swifter than the wind?”

Yudhistira : “The mind.”

Lord Dharma : “More numerous than blades of grass?”

Yudhistira : “The thoughts in the mind.”

Lord Dharma : “What is the most praiseworthy thing of all?”

Yudhistira : “Skill.”

Lord Dharma : “The most valuable possession?”

Yudhistira : “Knowledge.”

Lord Dharma : “The greatest treasure?”

Yudhistira : “Health.”

Lord Dharma : “The greatest happiness?”

Yudhistira : “Contentment.”

Lord Dharma : “What is the highest dharma?”

Yudhistira : “To injure none of the living.”

Lord Dharma : “What must be controlled?”

Yudhistira : “The mind.”

Lord Dharma : “What renounced, to make a man agreeable?”

Yudhistira : “Pride.”

Lord Dharma : “And what renounced to make a man wealthy?”

Yudhistira : “Desire.”

Lord Dharma : “And what can be renounced with no regret?”

Yudhistira : “Anger.”

Lord Dharma : “And what may be relinquished to gain happiness?”

Yudhistira : “Greed.”

Lord Dharma : “What makes the way?”

Yudhistira : “The good make the way, indeed, they are the way.”

Lord Dharma : “What is true restraint?”

Yudhistira : “That of the mind.”

Lord Dharma : “And what, true forgiveness?”

Yudhistira : “He who endures enmity, truly forgives.”

Lord Dharma : “What is real knowledge?”

Yudhistira : “The knowledge of God.”

Lord Dharma : “What is tranquillity?”

Yudhistira : “When the heart is still.”

Lord Dharma : “Mercy?”

Yudhistira : “When one desires the happiness of all creatures.”

Lord Dharma : “Simplicity?”

Yudhistira : “When the heart is tranquil.”

Lord Dharma : “Who is the invincible enemy?”

Yudhistira : “Anger.”

Lord Dharma : “What disease has no cure?”

Yudhistira : “Covetousness.”

Lord Dharma : “Who is the honest man?”

Yudhistira : “He who desires the happiness of all the living.”

Lord Dharma : “And the dishonest one?”

Yudhistira : “The one who has no mercy.”

Lord Dharma : “What is ignorance?”

Yudhistira : “Not knowing one’s dharma.”

Lord Dharma : “And pride?”

Yudhistira : “When a man thinks that he is the one who is the doer in life.”

Lord Dharma : “What is grief?”

Yudhistira : “Only ignorance.”

Lord Dharma : “How does a man become patient?”

Yudhistira : “By subduing his senses.”

Lord Dharma : “Which is the true ablution?”

Yudhistira : “When the heart is washed clean.”

Lord Dharma : “What is charity?”

Yudhistira : “Protecting all creatures.”

Lord Dharma : “Wickedness?”

Yudhistira : “Speaking ill of others.”

Lord Dharma : “How is a man agreeable?”

Yudhistira : “When he speaks agreeably.”

Lord Dharma : “How does he get what he wants?”

Yudhistira : “When he acts with discernment.

Lord Dharma : “How is he happy?”

Yudhistira : “When he has many friends.”

Lord Dharma : “And how does he find bliss in the next world?”

Yudhistira : “By being virtuous in this one.”

Lord Dharma : “What is truly amazing in this world?”

Yudhishtira thought for just a moment. Then he said, smiling, “Every day, countless lives enter into the temple of death. Yet, those who remain in this world think themselves immortal. What could be more amazing?”

“Who is he, Yudhishtira, who has every kind of wealth?”

Yudhistira : “Only he to whom joy and sorrow, fortune and misfortune, past and future, are all the same.”