How to win the heart of a Swati Nakshatra Native?

Me to Swati Nakshatra – Namaste! I am writing a blog post about how to win over people who falls under your asterism. Can you help me with some tips!

Swati – Glad you asked me first, yes! I would give you some insights about myself!

1. I am very competitive! My symbol is a sword, Mind you! I can use it to cut through any obstacles on my path!
2. I am ruled by Vayu! I can be gentle like the breeze sometimes, and at other times I can be wild like the wind! It depends on your attitude.
3. The planet that rules me is “Rahu” – So I have big dreams and ideas and I will pursue them. My desires may sometimes overshadow my true purpose in life! Remember, Bill Gates had his sun in swati nakshatra and so are many millionaires.
4. I can easily influence anyone around me.
5. I have a beautiful connection with Lord Hanumnan (the son of the wind God – Vayu) – so devotion is my innate nature!
6. If you have some ideas about how I should do something please keep it to yourself, I like to go about it in my own way!
7. I can multitask, so do not advice me about doing too many things at once.
8. I know how to make things go viral! – good or bad! I can help you spread the news!
9. I love footwear, and I have a good collection!
10. I love to travel and I love making the travel plans for a large group of people!
11. Do not expect me to sit in the same place for a long time!
12. Goddess Saraswati is the female deity associated with my nakshatra, so I am good with mantras, chanting and vedic knowledge. And in most cases I fare well in education and learning.
13. My communication skills are excellent, and people approach me when they have problems and need advice.
14. I have the tendency to get into unwanted problems. But don’t panic, I know the solution as well.
15. I will fight for justice! Not just mine!
16. I am peace loving, adamant and individualistic all at once!
17. If you don’t question my freedom, you will always have my support!
18. I research a lot! Some people call it spying, but it is just research in my world!