The planet Venus moved into the sign of Libra on Nov 29, 2023 and will stay there until Dec 24, 2023. In Vedic astrology, Venus is associated with beauty, love, harmony, and aesthetics. When Venus transits through its own sign of Libra, it is considered an auspicious and harmonious period.

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Here are some insights about this transit based on your Ascendant (Rising sign)/Moon Sign.

♈️ Aries Ascendant (Aries Rising/Moon)

  • Harmony in relationships and partnerships.
  • You would love to Travel
  • Enhanced artistic and creative expression.

♉️ Taurus Ascendant (Taurus Rising/Moon)

  • Emphasis on Health and Well-being
  • Attention to Diet and Nutrition
  • Improve Relationships with Co-workers

♊️ Gemini Ascendant (Gemini Rising/Moon)

  • Hidden or subconscious emotions may come to the surface.
  • Enjoy social activities, entertainment, and leisure.
  • Find solace in meditation and mantra chanting

♋️ Cancer Ascendant (Cancer Rising/Moon)

  • Emphasis on home and family life.
  • Enhanced emotional connections with loved ones.
  • Possible renovations or beautification of your living space.

♌️ Leo Ascendant (Leo Rising/Moon)

  • Your siblings or close relatives may play a supportive role.
  • You may undertake short journeys or travels related to your career and ambitions.
  • Your determination and persistence are assets in climbing the career ladder.

♍️ Virgo Ascendant (Virgo Rising/Moon)

  • You may enjoy immersing yourself in diverse cultural experiences.
  • Assess your financial situation and make any necessary adjustments to your budget orinvestments.
  • Enjoyable and harmonious interactions with loved ones.

♎️ Libra Ascendant (Libra Rising/Moon)

  • Increased personal charm and magnetism.
  • Reflect on your personal values and what truly matters to you.
  • Social gatherings and events can be particularly enjoyable.

♏️ Scorpio Ascendant (Scorpio Rising/Moon)

  • It’s a favorable time for emotional healing and letting go of past emotional baggage.
  • A period of inner reflection and transformation.
  • It’s a time to mend broken bonds and heal wounds in your relationships.

♐️ Sagittarius Ascendant (Sagittarius Rising/Moon)

  • Expanded social circle and networking opportunities.
  • Favorable for travel and exploring new cultures.
  • It’s a favorable time for teamwork and collaboration.

♑️ Capricorn Ascendant (Capricorn Rising/Moon)

  • Career and public image may benefit.
  • Positive interactions with authority figures.
  • A good time to work on long-term goals and ambitions.

♒️ Aquarius Ascendant (Aquarius Rising/Moon)

  • Renovations, redecorating, or simply adding aesthetic touches to your home can be enjoyable.
  • Your loved ones can provide a sense of security and comfort.
  • You may delve deeper into your meditation and spiritual practices.

♓️ Pisces Ascendant (Pisces Rising/Moon)

  • Can bring intensity to your communication style.
  • You may excel in research-related activities.
  • Your relationships may go through a transformative phase.

Venus in Libra – Rituals and Remedies

  1. Make donations to charitable organizations, particularly those that support women, the arts, or beauty-related causes. Venus is associated with charity (remember, Venus gets exalted in Pisces the natural 12th house of giving) and can be appeased through selfless giving.
  2. Wearing white-colored clothing or accessories on Fridays can symbolize your reverence for Venus and enhance its positive effects.
  3. Honor Goddess Annapurna, the Goddess of Food and Nourishment. In sanskrit the Annapurna means “the provider of food”. You can honor her by providing food and nourishment to those in need and by listening to the Annapoorna Stotram composed by Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya. You can also chant the mantra “Om annapoornaye namah” 108 times.

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