When the Air Element, also known as Vayu tattva, is out of balance, it can lead to feelings of restlessness and anxiety. In astrological terms, the planets Saturn (Shani) and Rahu are associated with Vayu tattva.

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To counteract the unsettling energies of Shani and Rahu, consider the following practical remedies:

  1. Light an incense stick or dhoop as soon as you sense restlessness setting in.
  2. Practice slow walking, even if it’s just around your home, while focusing on your breath.
  3. Recite the name of Sri Rama, as his worship is one of the most effective ways to mitigate the effects of Shani.
  4. Chant the mantra “ॐ वायुपुत्राय नमः” (Om Vayuputraya Namah) to alleviate restlessness and anxiety.
  5. Use the seed mantra “Dum” to invoke the protective energy of Goddess Durga.

By incorporating these remedies into your routine, you can better manage the energies of Shani and Rahu that contribute to restlessness and anxiety.

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