1. The symbol for this service oriented lunar mansion is a healing bed or two legs of a cot
2. This is the “social worker” nakshatra and possess great skills in the healing arts and counseling fields.
3. Naturally, this asterism is called the “”Star of Patronage”” for their love of humanity and caring sincere nature.
4. The deity of this asterism is Aryaman, the God of Patronage, Honor and Kindness.
5. There is a tendency to be controlling and very stubborn in relationships.
6. This nakshatra is associated with state health officials, social workers, philanthropists, sales and public relations managers, writers, actors and media personalities
Themes for today
1. A good day to have positive thoughts that would manifest in the coming days.
2. Good day for wearing new garments or jewelry
3. Not a good day for confrontation or hash behavior.
4. Not a good day to lend money!
Fun Facts
1. They can be obsessive with cleanliness and can be inconsiderate and disdainful.
2. Their houses/ habitats will have motifs (art work, painting, pillow cover, bed sheets, etc) of Elephants, Stones and Trees.
3. They would be inclined to snacking especially salty food items
4. This nakshatra is strongly associated with signing of agreements, legal documents and contracts.
5. They have a tendency to be associated with loudspeakers and megaphones.
6. They rely on rationality, knowledge and wisdom and are careful in spending money.”

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