Adityas are the offsprings of Goddess Aditi who represents infinity. Every zodiac sign is connected to an Aditya. Adityas are divine beings responsible to provide all the resources for a zodiac sign. Adityas are responsible for proper functioning of the universe. I have learned a lot about Adityas from Pandit Sanjay Rath – You can sign up for his courses at

Honor the Aditya Based on Sun’s Transit

When the Sun transits a sign it awakens the Aditya of that sign. For example currently the Sun is transiting the sign of Cancer and the Aditya connected to this sign is Varuna Aditya.

So every morning you can worship the Sun with the mantra – Aum Ghrini Varuna Aditya.

Aditya based on the day of your birth

The day you were born is also connected to an Aditya as all the days of the week are also ruled by an Aditya. This Aditya is responsible for our energy levels, so whenever you are tired or lethargic just chant the mantra of the Aditya connected to the day of your birth. For example if you are born on a Sunday – the Aditya that you must honor is Aryaman Aditya.

You can find the Aditya of the day you were born under the Birth Panchang section of the Cosmic Insights app.

Aditya of Houses

Based on the area of your life, you can pray to that particular Aditya. For example if you need courage and strength you can pray to the Aditya ruling the sign occupied by the 3rd house in your chart. If you are a Taurus Ascendant, then you can pray to Varuna Aditya for courage and strength.

If you want to improve your career you can honor the Aditya of the 10th house. So if you are a Virgo Ascendant, the 10th house is Gemini for you and the Aditya connected to this sign is Mitra Aditya.

The Cosmic Insights app shows you the Adityas of Houses.

Aditya for Sustenance

The 4th sign from your natal Sun is the Abhijit Rashi. You can honor the Aditya of this sign for sustenance and doing so will assure that you would never face shortages in life.

For example if your natal Sun is in Aries – then the 4th sign from it is Cancer and the Aditya for this sign is Varuna Aditya.

Who is your Aditya for Sustenance ? Check out the Cosmic Insights app.