The Palana Devata, a guiding deity identified in your birth chart, oversees the sustenance and “Artha” (wealth and prosperity) facets of your life. Entrusted with the duty of ensuring you have the necessary resources for a comfortable existence, this deity plays a pivotal role in nurturing and fostering financial stability in your life. If you find yourself seeking a transformation in your financial circumstances or facing challenges in your professional sphere, turning to the worship of your Palana Devata can be a beneficial recourse.

To align yourself with the blessings of your Palana Devata, especially during times of work-related issues, it is advisable to honor this deity and earnestly seek their guidance and blessings.

Identifying Your Palana Devata: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Determine Your AmK (Amatya Karaka): Identify the planet with the second highest degree in your birth chart, which represents your AmK. It is recommended to follow the 8 Karaka scheme, which incorporates Rahu.
  2. Analyze Your Navamsha D9 Chart: Locate the 6th house from your AmK in your Navamsha D9 chart to find potential indicators of your Palana Devata.
  3. Identifying the Palana Devata: If a planet occupies this house, it signifies your Palana Devata. In the absence of a planet, the ruling deity of that house assumes the role of your Palana Devata.
  4. Choosing a Form of Worship: Depending on the identified planet, you can choose to honor a Devi or Vishnu form associated with that planet.
  5. Dealing with Multiple Planets: In cases where multiple planets are present, the stronger planet takes precedence as the Palana Devata.

Use the Cosmic Insights App to Identify your Palana Devata

  1. Download or Open the Cosmic Insights App.
  2. Open or Create your Profile.
  3. Tap here to visit the Spirituality Module (You can also search for Spirituality to access this module).
  4. You can find the details of your Palana Devata there.

Worshipping Your Palana Devata: Guidelines

  1. Mantras and Shlokas: Engage in the chanting of mantras or recitation of shlokas that resonate with the identified deity to foster a deeper connection.
  2. Naivedyam Offerings: Present offerings of naivedyam, food items associated with the specific planet, as a gesture of devotion and reverence.

Devi form for Palana Devata

  1. Sun: Shailaputri
  2. Moon: Mahagauri
  3. Mars: Skandamata
  4. Mercury: Katyayani
  5. Jupiter: Brahmcharini
  6. Venus: Kushmanda
  7. Saturn: Kalaratri
  8. Rahu: Chandraghanta

Vishnu form for Palana Devata

  1. Sun: Rama
  2. Moon: Krishna
  3. Mars: Narasimha
  4. Mercury: Budha
  5. Jupiter: Vamana
  6. Venus: Parashurama
  7. Saturn: Kurma
  8. Rahu: Varaha