The Power of Jyotirlinga Worship

Lord Rama installed a Shiv ling in Rameshwaram before he won the war with Ravana. Lord Rama is believed to be the Sun Avatar of Lord Vishnu. The Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga represents the zodiac sign of Aries where Sun is exalted.

Lord Shiva became Somnath when he went to visit Lord Krishna when he was born. Somnath is believed to be the most compassionate form of Lord Shiva. And Somnath Jyotirlinga represents the zodiac sign of Taurus where the Moon is exalted. (learned this from Pandit Sanjay Rath. If you like what you read, Please join the world’s best Vedic Astrology course and learn from tradition by Joining the Parashara Jyotish Course of Deva Guru Brihaspati –

Shri Narendra Modi ji’s Atmakaraka is Saturn and based on the position of Saturn in his Navamsha chart, His Atma Lingam (the jyotirlinga connected to the soul) is Kashi Viswanath which signifies the sign Sagittarius.

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Modi ji visited Varanasi multiple times before the elections to seek the blessings of Kashi Viswanath and interestingly he contests from Varanasi, India.

He also visited Kedarnath which is connected to the zodiac sign Aquarius ruled by both Saturn and Rahu. Pandit Sanjay Rath says the ruling party is always represented by the Sun and the opposition party is represented by Rahu. So in this election, Narendra Modi ji is the Sun and Congress is Rahu. Interestingly Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi have a lot of foreign elements (foreign = Rahu). So the visit to Kedarnath gives him the power to win over his rivals.
It is interesting to note that the moon was transiting Uttara Ashada Nakshatra ruled by the Sun on the day the election results came in. Uttara Ashada is the star of Invincible Victory. The animal connected to this Nakshatra is a Mongoose and it is the only nakshatra that does not have a female counterpart for the animal totem and Modi Ji is unmarried 😉
And Uttara Ashada nakshatra is his Fortuna point as well!

How To Find Your Jyotirlinga?


  1. Find out which planet is Atma Karaka (Soul planet) in your chart. This is the planet which has the highest longitude. You can find yours here for FREE.
  2. Now go to the D9 (Navamsha) chart and find the sign where this planet is placed.
  3. Use the table below to find the Jyotirlinga associated with your Atma Karaka.
  4. You can find rituals, remedies and mantras for your Jyotirlinga and Soul planet with this FREE report
Zodiac Sign of Atma Karaka in D9 ChartJyotirlinga