The Nakshatras are classified as

  1. Chara (Moveable)
  2. Dhruva/Sthira (fixed)
  3. Mridu (Tender)
  4. Ugra (Violent)
  5. Tikshna (Dreadful)
  6. Laghu and Shipra (Swift)
  7. Misra (Mixed)

In Muhurta, this mapping of Nakshatras is used extensively to find the right time for various activities.

Movable Nakshatras are favourable for activities that involve movement like vehicles, travel, gardening, etc. Activities that change with time come under the domain of movable Nakshatras. People with Chandra (Moon) or dispositor of Moon in movable Nakshatras are more likely to experience a lot of movement and transformation in their environment. People with lagna (ascendant) and lagnesha (ascendant lord) in movable Nakshatra like to do activities that change/transform with time.

Sthira Nakshatras are optimal for activities that are fixed and steady. Like laying foundations, building, planting trees, joining a new job (if you want it to be permanent).

Mridu Nakshatras are favourable for activities that are tender, soft and relaxed in nature like wearing new clothes, entertainment, music, massage, therapies, beauty rituals, etc.

Ugra Nakshatras are favourable for activities that require force and some violence like bringing down a building, demolishing something, confronting enemies, battles and fights etc.

Tikshna Nakshatras are favourable for destructive activities such as separation, killing, imprisonment, putting an end to something, etc. Black magic and other activities that require invoking spirits come under the domain of these Nakshatras.

Kshipra Nakshatras are favourable for activities that last for a short time like taking medicines, travel, sports. They give quick and swift results.

Misra Nakshatras are favourable for worship, Yajnas, homas and other fire rituals, purchasing electronics etc.

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