Swastika is the sacred symbol representing well being and auspiciousness.

You might have seen Swastika drawn at the entrance of homes in India or in the Puja rooms. It is also used during Homa and other Vedic rituals.

The word Swastika comes from the root word Swasti which means well-being, fortune and prosperity

One of the most popular hymns in the yajur veda is the Swasti mantra

Svasti Na Indro Vrddha-Shravaah |
Svasti Nah Puussaa Vishva-Vedaah |
Svasti Nas-Taarkssyo Arisstta-Nemih |
Svasti No Brhaspatir-Dadhaatu ||
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

This verse from the Yajur Veda has the secret meaning and power of the Swastika.

The four sides of the Swastika represents the 4 directions and the clockwise movement is very important as it flows with the natural field of energy following the movement of the Sun. When the movement is in anti clockwise direction it is called Sauwastika and its used in tantric practices.

The seed or bija mantra “Gam” of Lord Ganesha resembles the Swastika. Lord Ganesha is the one we invoke before any auspicious beginnings. HE has the power to create and remove obstacles based on what is right for us. Have you ever wondered how Lord Ganesha knows what is right for us? HE is the deity of the planet Ketu which represents our past lives. So HE has access to all our past life experiences and knows what is right for the evolution of our soul.

The 4 divine powers hidden inside the Swastika

  1. Indra of great power, wisdom and glory
  2. Pusha – The Sun god who nourishes us –
  3. Tarkshya of great protective power
  4. Brihaspati – The divine Guru of wisdom, auspiciousness and knowledge

The 4 arms of Swastika also represents the 4 vedas! It is also the 4 petal lotus that symbolizes the abode of Lord Ganesha.

How to use Swastika

  1. You can draw a Swastika before any prayer or puja and offer it as a seat to the divine
  2. Before any auspicious beginnings you can look at or draw a Swastika.
  3. You can draw a swastika with turmeric and place it on your door as a way to protect your home from negative energies.