“Hiranmayena patrena satya syapi hitam mukham, tattvam pusanna pavrnu satya dharmaya drstaye”

The ultimate truth or knowledge of Brahman is hidden behind your golden disc. With your illuminating grace, may the truthful devotee be able to see what is concealed. This is a hymn in praise of the Sun from Isha Upanishad. It talks about the material or the gross Sun and how a devotee with true principles can unmask and see beyond the material Sun. 

The Sun or Surya, the adhipati or the presiding deity of our souramandala or solar system takes about 30 -31 days to traverse through every rashi. That is roughly 12 months through the entire zodiac. At the end of this period the Sun crosses over to the nakshatra in the next rashi. This point of crossing is called sankranthi or sankramana. Performing arghya to the Sun early in the morning during the first hour after sunrise would be very beneficial especially during this period. This consists of offering water from a copper vessel while looking towards the east. Doing this while chanting any Surya mantra or aditya hrudayam (The hymn provided by Sage Agastya to Lord Rama when he was baffled by the mightiness of demon king Ravana’s army) would be ideal.

Now every year around the 14th of April Sun enters Aries or Mesha – the zodiac sign of his friend Mars, where he is very much at ease. This occurs right after Mesha sankranthi or Mesha sankramana when the Sun moves from Revati (Pisces or Meena Rashi) to Ashwini (Mesha Rashi) and it marks the beginning of the solar new year or souramana ugadi. In sync with this movement, nature sheds the old and welcomes the new. The trees and plants unfurl new leaves and birds chirp in the joy of this seasonal change. 

Ashwini is the first Nakshatra the Sun enters in Mesha(Aries). The governing deity for this Nakshatra are the Ashwini Kumaras who happen to be the twins born of the Sun and his wife Sanjana while both were in the form of horse and mare. This being a very swift or kshipra and light or laghu Nakshatra, is a very good period to initiate any new activities such as housewarming, initiating Studies, starting a new Job, buying new vehicles, starting a new medication, etc. They are the celestial healers and any medicine taken while the Sun is transiting here would be very beneficial to you. While here, the Sun enters deep exaltation in the 3rd pada (10 Degrees) of Ashwini. Depending on which house this falls into in your natal chart, matters pertaining to this house would become important to you. For example, if you have Aries as your 10th house from lagna, Sun’s entry here can bring about sudden gain in your profession irrespective of the position of your natal Sun or even if there are no planets placed here.

Around the 27th of April 2018, the Sun enters Bharani, the next Nakshatra in Aries. The governing deity of this Nakshatra is Yama –  the uplifter of Dharma personified. This is a good time to declutter or to complete activities that have been pending for a long time. Having amla or amalaki during this period would help eliminate toxins and improve immunity. Feeding crows would also be beneficial in general. 

Around the 11th of May 2018, the Sun would move into Krittika Nakshatra. This Nakshatra is ruled by the celestial god who partakes the offerings for the Devas, Agni. It is a mishra Nakshatra being sharp and soft at the same time. Now is a good time for you to conduct any fire rituals to appease your Ishta Devata (Favorite Deity). Be careful with your food habits during this time, especially if you are in tropical places since Agni also represents our never-ending hunger which may lead to overeating, leading to indigestion. Worshipping Skanda or Kartikeya the son of Shiva and Parvati would be beneficial.

What would the effect of Sun’s transit in Aries be for your Moon sign?

Aries or Mesha

Those of you who have their moon posited in Aries would have to be in control of your ego during this Transit. Avoid quarrels and any unnecessary arguments and be humble in your undertakings. Take care of your health and be careful in financial matters. Surya-namaskar along with the related Mantra recitation would help in alleviating the situation.

Taurus or Vrishabha

For those of you who have their moon in Taurus, this transit would take place in their 12th house. Consider doing any Vedic rituals to appease your Ishta Devata and this would provide you with peace and happiness. Take care of your health and get enough sleep and rest during this period. Going to spiritual retreats would be very good for you. Participating in Satsang or bhajans will also be good if you are musically inclined.

Gemini or Mithuna

For those of you who have their moon in Gemini, this transit would take place in their 11th house. You would be honored in your job/profession and gains would come your way maybe even via your friends who may be well placed in governmental jobs or in high positions in the society. You will be able to achieve results in tasks you take up with little efforts.

Cancer or Karkataka

For Cancer moon sign, this transit would be taking place in your 10th house. It is a very beneficial transit. Also, Jupiter in transit is aspecting this transit or gochara Sun. Be ready to come into the limelight for all the good things that you may have put in efforts into. Be mindful of how you address people of different social stature. A little respect goes a long way.

Leo or Simha: 

For those of you with Leo Moon sign this transit would be taking place in your 9th house, you may have to take care of how you deal with others especially father figures in your life. Luckily this transit or Gochara has the beneficial aspect of transit Guru due to which you would be able to tackle it gracefully. Going on pilgrimages would help in recharging yourself for a great year ahead.

Virgo or Kanya

For those of you who have their moon in Virgo, this transit would take place in your 8th house. Be careful of any financial matters or speculations. Taking care of your health especially in matters related to digestion. Drinking golden milk/Turmeric milk would be good. Doing Surya-namaskar regularly would be beneficial.

Libra or Tula

For those of you who have their moon in Libra, this transit would take place in the 7th house. You would naturally be drawn towards your relationships be it personal or Business specific. Avoid arguments and quarrels of any kind. Transit Jupiter aspecting this Sun in transit from Libra may help bring down any discomforts during this period. Praying to your Guru would be beneficial. Ensure you balance what you want to do vs. what others want from you; there is a natural tendency for the significant other to want all the spotlight.

Scorpio or Vrischika: 

For those of you with their moon in Scorpio, this transit would take place in the 6th House. You will be able to overcome hurdles, enemies, you would also be able to improve your health condition. Taking care of your diet and practicing Yoga would be highly beneficial. Be good to people, especially those who help you daily; the security guard, the milkman, newspaper delivery person, the roadside hawker so on and so forth.

Sagittarius or Dhanu: 

For those of you with their moon in Sagittarius, this transit would take place in the 5th House. You may have to face some challenges or obstacles in financial dealings. Avoid speculations. Take good care of your health. Praying to Guru in the form of Dakshinamurthy (Shiva as a Guru) would be very beneficial. Play with children, help them with their homework and spend time with them outdoors. Taking up a new hobby and learning something new will also act as a remedy.

Capricorn or Makar: 

For those of you with their moon in Capricorn, this transit would take place in the 4th House. You would have to take care of your health during this period. Chanting or Listening to Aditya Hridhayam is highly beneficial. Go for a morning walk while listening or chanting to get the maximum benefit. Give attention to home affairs.

Aquarius or Kumbha: 

For those of you with their moon in Aquarius, this transit would take place in the 3rd House. Engaging in any sports or exercise regime, running, walking etc. would be very good provided your health permits it. In general, this is a good period which would bring in courage, happiness and success in tasks you take up.

Pisces or Meena: 

For those with the moon in Pisces, this transit would bring in matters related to your family in the limelight. Be careful when you put your trust in others. Meditation, Yoga would be beneficial to calm the mind. Also, keep a tab of your eating habits by ensuring you do not eat items that aggravate Pitta during this period.

Again, these indications are in general and do not consider the other transits and placements in your natal chart. Please contact us for detailed consultations.