Lord Hanuman sat one evening, watching the waves of the ocean lap peacefully against the shore through his half-closed eyes. The scenes of battle, the joy of victory, the look on Rama’s face as he thanked Hanuman for bringing the medicine that saved his brother Lakshman’s life his mind was reliving a thousand memories. The setting sun was again lending a golden touch to his body. The truth was, that he was now an old, dignified monkey white grey fur, and his whiskers were turning white, like a snowy frame around his face, His keen memory, and immense strength, were now used only on those occasions when it was strictly necessary.

At this time, Shani, or the planet Saturn, the much-feared son of Surya, was taking a walk along the shore. People feared Shani because they believed that if he chose to enter a person’s horoscope, that person would face difficulties, and sometimes suffer greatly, till Shani decided to leave.Shani’s gaze fell on the meditative figure of Hanuman and he walked up to him.”Hey! Wake up!” he yelled at the monkey who was often called Mahabalaya the Mighty One or Mahaveer the Most Brave. Hanuman opened his eye fully and gazed serenely at Shani. “What is it son?” he asked him. “I was not asleep,” he added.”I have heard that you are very strong, that you have carried mountains killed demons and set fire to a whole kingdom for the sake of Rama,” barked Shani striking a threatening pose in front of Hanuman. “What of it?” asked Hanuman still in a quiet voice.”Let’s see what you can do now!” yelled Shani. “Come have a fight with me and let us decide who is the stronger one!” So saying, he grabbed at one of Hanuman’s hands and began pulling at him to get up.Hanuman snatched his hand away. “Go away, son,” he said. “Enjoy you walk on this beautiful and historic shore. Why would you want to fight an old monkey like me? Did you know that we are at the exact spot where hundreds of monkey and bear soldiers worked hard to build a bridge across the sea?” “Don’t try to distract me with your tales,” thundered Shani. “ Why won’t you fight? is it because without Rama being present, you are completely powerless? Did Your strength desert you the day he went up to heaven? Shani accompanied this hunt with another lunge towards Hanuman’s hand.
Before he had finished speaking, Hanuman had jumped up to his full height. He towered above Shani. His hair was grey, but his eyes could still blaze brown fire. He just looked at Shani without a word, and with an untroubled expression on his face, he began coiling his tail around the agitated planet-god.
Longer and longer grew Hanuman’s tail, and it coiled around Shani with all his strength it. Shani first struggled, then shouted, then began gasping for breath, as the coils closed tighter and around him.
With Shani still warped in the tight grip of his tail, Hanuman’s suddenly said, “This is the hour for me to perform ‘ parikrama’ ( walking in a Circle around a holy shrine ) of the holy bridge.” He Began walking at some speed to complete a circle of prayer around the Rama – Sethu.

As he walked, Shani was thrown against the ground, against the boulders that made up the bridge, and the spiky plants that grew along the beach. “Ow, Ow, wooh!” he yelled. “Stop! Please stop!”
Shani’s face and body were completely bruised, but worse was to follow. As Hanuman leapt from one Sethu stone to another, the salty sea water splashed on Shani’s bruises and made then burn. ‘Yaa-aa-aahl’ he began to yell now.
Mahabalaya completed his parikrama and returned to the beach.
He released the exhausted, injured and crestfallen Shani from his tail.
Shani just lay on the beach, unable to even run away.
“Never trouble an old meditative monkey just because you want to show off your strength,” said Hanuman. Shani nodded in dumb agreement, He cringed on the ground, with folded hands.
“And listen, one more thing,” said Hanuman. Shani looked up at him. “You shall never trouble anyone who loves me deeply, and says the name of my Lord with devotion.” Shani agreed!

And on Saturdays, people all over India pray to Hanuman, one of whose names is ‘Sankat Mochan’, or destroyer of all trouble. The greatest of difficulties described in a person’s horoscope can melt away if one prays to Hanuman, is what they believe.
For truly, Hanuman loved his Rama so much that he feared nothing in the universe – there was no place in his heart or mind for fear! By putting Shani in his place, Hanuman proved to us all that a pure and loving heart cannot be moved by anything.