Since time immemorial we have been told by our ancient seers that the best way to worship Lord Shiva is by looking at HIM through Nandi (Shiva’s bull)’s horns. Every Shiva temple has HIS bull placed right opposite to HIM.

What is the secret behind this ?

We have 2 eyes that are visible and we have an inner eye which is right in the middle of the forehead in between our eyebrows.

Have you observed whichever eye you focus on, the nostril on that side becomes active. The right nostril is connected to Pingala Nadi and left nostril is connected to Ida Nadi. In between both we have the Sukhshma Nadi.

When we focus on the inner eye we are able to activate our Sukshma Nadi and that gives us the Darshan of Jyoti or light which represents our inner light and that is verily Lord Shiva.

So Nandi is the nose. Nandi’s horns are the left eyebrow and right eyebrow. So it is said that we can look at Lord Shiva by gazing between both the horns of Nandi.

Our ancient seers are so amazing to hide precious knowledge within simple practical experiences.

Aum Namah Shivaya 🙏