The 9 planets are considered as the 9 avatars of Lord Vishnu. Venus is connected to Lord Parashuram.

Lord Parashuram was born to the sage Jamadagni.Though he was a brahmin he always carried an axe which he received from Lord Shiva after pleasing him with his meditation. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and from whom he learned the methods of warfare and other skills.Though a Brahmin’s son Parashurama had inordinate love for weapons and had kshatriya (warrior) traits in him. He is also referred as ‘Brahma-Kshatriya’ -one who possesses both the qualities of Brahmins and kshatriyas (since his mother was a daughter of kshatriya and his father was a brahmin).

Jamadagni had a divine cow called Kamadhenu.Kamadhenu was a wish fulfilling cow. The king Kartavirya Arjuna wanted the cow for himself and took it by force. Parashurama, enraged by this, killed the king using his axe. Sage jamadagni was furious as it is not auspicious for a brahmin to kill a warrior, so he sent Prashurama on a pilgrimage to wash his wins. When he returned back he found that Kartavirya’s sons had killed his father. Lord Parashuram was furious and killed all the warrior clan that belonged to the king.

In another incident, Jamadagni asks Parashurama to kill his mother. His mother, Renuka was a devoted wife and used to go everyday to get water from the river. One day, a few Gandharvas were visiting the river and some temptation arose in her. The sage Jamadagni found this out due to his yogic powers and asked Parashurama to kill her. Parashurama, being very obedient to his father, went ahead and killed his mother, without any delay. Being very pleased with this, his father asked him what he wanted. Parashurama asked for a boon to bring her mother back to life.

Significance of the Story
Jamadagni represents the burning fire of Sadhana. When the spiritual fire becomes strong, it gives rise to spiritual ecstasy (Parashurama). Spiritual ecstasy (Parashurama) can only rise in one, when the arrogance has been killed and purified. Here, the king KritaViraya, represents the arrogance born out of brave deeds. When such ecstasy rises, it kills and purifies and relative temptations arising due to Maya (which is represented by Parashurama’s mother). Also, such ecstasy, kills and purifies all the kshatriya qualities in one like revenge, anger etc. (represented by killing the warrior clan of the king KritaVirya).

As explained by Shri Shri PVR Rao