Goddess Siddhidhatri is the 9th of the 9 forms of Goddess Durga and is worshipped on the 9th night of Navratri.

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Goddess Siddhidhatri blesses you with Siddhi’s (extraordinary capabilities) so you can do everything with perfection. Siddhi means supernatural power or meditative ability, and Dhatri means giver or awarder. It is believed that one side of Lord Shiva’s body is that of Goddess Siddhidatri and that he attained all his Siddhis by worshiping this Goddess. Siddhi brings fulfillment and totality in every sphere of life.

Siddhidhatri is connected to the planet Ketu. So if you are having any malefic Ketu transits or running Ketu dasha/antar dasha then you can worship Goddess Siddhidhatri for protection and fulfilment. She fulfills all the divine aspirations and completes the mundane

Mantra for Siddhidhatri

The Mantra for Siddhidhatri is

Aum Siddhidhatri Durgayai Namah

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