Cosmic Insights aims to create a series of tools that help you understand the role of the planets, nakshatras and their energies in your life!

Why is it important?

We have 3 bodies. The physical body or the gross body, The astral body or the subtle body and the casual body.
The physical body is what most of us relate to. The astral body or subtle body is where we go mostly in our dream state. The causal body is the pure consciousness and you can get a glimpse of it in deep meditation. The astral body is the blueprint out of which the physical body arises.

“Our overall birth chart relates primarily to the subtle or astral body, which is the greater sphere of our life energies. It reflects the entire range of our activities, of which our physical health is just one factor. The birth chart is like the blueprint of the astral body, which forms the matrix or energy pattern for the physical. Astrology, as its name suggests, is primarily an astral science, having as its main concern the subtle or astral body, our body of the stars. As the astral body mediates between tween the physical and the causal, it can help us understand the other two bodies as well. ”
– Dr. David Frawley.