Shravana Putrada Ekadashi, also known as Pavitropana Ekadashi and Pavitra Ekadashi, is observed on the 11th waxing lunar day in the month of Shravana (July-August). The term “Putrada” translates to “giver of sons,” and it is believed that observing this Ekadashi can bless childless couples with a child.


New York, USA – 27th Aug, 2023
Ekadashi Tithi Begins – 02:38 PM on Aug 26, 2023
Ekadashi Tithi Ends – 12:02 PM on Aug 27, 2023

London, UK – 27th Aug, 2023
Ekadashi Tithi Begins – 07:38 PM on Aug 26, 2023
Ekadashi Tithi Ends – 05:02 PM on Aug 27, 2023

New Delhi, India – 27th Aug, 2023
Ekadashi Tithi Begins – 12:08 AM on Aug 27, 2023
Ekadashi Tithi Ends – 09:32 PM on Aug 27, 2023

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Shravana Putrada Ekadashi is considered to be a highly auspicious day to worship Lord Vishnu, who is regarded as the protector and preserver of the universe. Devotees believe that observing a fast on this day washes away all their sins and helps in attaining Moksha or liberation from the cycle of birth and death.


The observance of Shravana Putrada Ekadashi involves fasting, prayers, and charity. The fasting begins on the eve of Ekadashi (called Dashami) and lasts until the following day, Dwadashi. 

  1. Recite the sacred mantra “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya” at least 108 times, connecting with the divine energy of Lord Vishnu
  2. Engage in chanting or listening to the “Vishnu Sahasranama,” a hymn dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
  3. Practice generosity through donations to those in need or to spiritual causes.
  4. Observe the spiritual practice of Ekadashi fasting, a fast dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
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The Story of Shravana Putrada Ekadashi

The tale of Pavitropana Ekadashi comes to us from the Bhavishya Purana, where it was recounted by Lord Krishna to King Yudhishthira. It tells the story of King Mahijit, the wealthy and mighty ruler of Mahishmati, who found himself childless despite his riches and power.

In search of an explanation, Mahijit consulted the all-knowing sage Lomesh, who revealed that the King’s childlessness was a consequence of a sin committed in his past life. 

Lomesh guided the King and Queen to observe a fast during Shravana on Putrada Ekadashi to cleanse the sin. The royal couple, along with their subjects, heeded the sage’s advice and dedicated themselves to fasting, prayer, and a night-long vigil, all in honor of the god Vishnu. They further displayed their devotion by presenting gifts of gold, jewels, clothing, and money to the Brahmins.

Their sincerity and piety were rewarded, as the King and Queen were blessed with a handsome son, who would grow up to inherit their kingdom. Through their faith and adherence to the rituals of Ekadashi, they were able to overcome the burdens of their past and embrace a promising future.

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