Bhrigu Bindu or Destiny Point is an imaginary mid-point between Rahu and the Moon. It is calculated by deducting the longitude of Rahu from that of Moon and dividing it by 2. The quotient is added to Rahu’s degree to determine the Bhrigu Bindu.

This point is extremely important to understand what destiny has in store for us and it becomes active when planets transit over it. You can just read the chart as you would if any planet was positioned there at that point to know the results.

For example for Donald Trump, the destiny point falls on his ascendant and when Transit Rahu was going over that point, he became the president of USA.

Kamala Harris the current Vice President of USA has her destiny point in the sign of Scorpio, and when Ketu transited over it, she won the election in Jan 2021.

Bill Clinton has his Destiny point in the sign of Scorpio and when Rahu transited over it, he won the election to become the 42nd president of the USA.

Anil Kumble, the Indian cricketer has his Destiny point in the sign of Pisces and when Jupiter transited over it He entered the record books to get 10 wickets in a single innings against Pakistan.

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