2020 Predictive Horoscope – Scorpio Astrology Forecast

Your communication and teaching skills come to the front in 2020, and everything associated with your own efforts. Business and enterprise are favored, though you need to find a balance between adventure and taking the safer, more conventional path…..Read More

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Career and Financial Prediction 2020 Scorpio

Relationships for Scorpio in 2020

This report details how 2020 will be for you based on your Moon sign*.

It shows all the transits for the year ahead, including the eclipses, to help you understand how these transits will affect you and what you can do to align with them.

This report can form as your personal guide for 2020 so you can plan important moments such as career decisions, periods best for romance, matters related to health, family reunions, holidays, investments, times to tread with caution, etc at the most fruitful time for you.

It will help you be prepared for any potentially challenging times and enable you to leverage the periods of strength, through rituals and remedies that can harmonise planetary energies.

You will also get an indication of the better days/periods in 2020 so you can maximize them.

Kick start the new year with this ultimate report to help you through the 365 days ahead and bring more balance and wellbeing to your life for the year ahead.

*If you are unsure of what your moon sign is then you can see Nakshatra Finder to find out.