Saturn moved into Capricorn from 24th January and remains there for 2.5 years. Saturn signifies discipline, hard work, change and is the planet that pushes you and guides you at the same time. Saturn’s move into the sign of Capricorn will influence all the zodiac signs, i.e. all of us. By doing certain rituals we can stay on the right side of Saturn and make this a positive transit.

The tips below can show you how

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We can start implementing these tips (based on your Moon and Rising sign) now and put in place as a habit for the next 2.5 years. Click here to find your Moon/Rising sign.

Aries (it will be in your 10th house) – Plan a trip to a sacred place or help others who are going on one. Donate to differently-abled people. Consistently pray during noon which will be very effective for you for work matters.

Taurus (it will be in your 9th house) – Donate to temples or spiritual places. Participate in spiritual rituals such as homa’s and puja’s. Avoid giving/donating money to anyone on Friday’s.

Gemini (it will be in your 8th house) – Keep an eye on your investments and avoid anything financially risky. It is a good time to take up an interest in ancient sciences such as philosophy, Ayurveda, astrology, meditation, yoga. Also, keep an eye on your diet and don’t overeat.

Cancer (it will be in your 7th house)- Relationships could be tested so meditate or pray during sunrise and sunset. Avoid confrontations and disputes because it could escalate. Great time for a diet if you want results.

Leo (it will be in your 6th house) – Mantra chanting and maintaining a healthy routine is key for success. Help people with serious illnesses and avoid arguments with people at work. Take long slow walks with awareness on Saturdays.

Virgo (it will be in your 5th house) – Mantra chanting would be hugely beneficial. Invite people home on Saturday’s and feed them or go out and feed others. Do group volunteering and meditation.

Libra (it will be in your 4th house) – Simplify your life by consistently decluttering your home and your work environment. Spend time with and take care of motherly figures in your life. Have an oil massage on Saturday’s.

Scorpio (it will be in your 3rd house) – Every Saturday (ideally outside and on grass barefoot) walk in a figure of 8. Spend more time meditating and donate Navy or Black colored blankets to charity.

Sagittarius (it will be in your 2nd house) – Fast on Saturday’s or give up a favorite food item on Saturday. Avoid shopping on Saturdays. Don’t leave the kitchen sink full before you sleep, clean it up.

Capricorn (it will be in your 1st house) – An optimum time to lose weight and a time to take no risks WHATSOEVER. Hit the gym daily and be disciplined about it. Do breathing exercises (pranayama) daily.

Aquarius (it will be in your 12th house) – Take care and acknowledge people who provide services to you. Donating is a must, put some money into a Piggy Bank every day and when it is full donate to a worthy cause. Make a list of your bad habits and plan to eliminate them.

Pisces (it will be in your 11th house) – Avoid Gambling. Plant trees or participate/donate to a tree-planting campaign. Start a mantra chanting practice – a simple one to start with would be Om Namah Shivaya.

For personalized everyday rituals download the align27 app.