There are certain items best to avoid buying and to be bought home on Saturn’s day.

1. Iron: Articles made of Iron or its alloys in any form brings BAD LUCK to the buyer and his family.
Gain Saturn’s Blessings by: Donating things made of iron to a place of worship. It brings prosperity and upliftment in business and wealth.

2. Oil: One should not buy Mustard oil or Vegetable oil on Saturdays as it brings SICKNESS at Home.
Gain Saturn’s Blessings by: Donating oil to a sweeper or a servant and that would appease Lord Shani

3. Salt: Buying Salt on Saturday brings DEBT to buyer and his family members. Gain Saturn’s Blessings by: Keeping a Cup of Raw Salt in the West Direction of your Home. The Salt absorbs the negative energies at Home. Flush the salt down the kitchen drain when it has absorbed moisture and do not touch the Salt.

4. Broom: Broom creates positive energy in the house by Clearing/ Cleansing negative energies out of home but buying broom on Saturdays brings POVERTY so never buy broom on Saturdays or Tuesdays.
Gain Saturn’s Blessings by: Donating money to your Servant on a Saturday and by sweeping the house with a Broom.

5. Ink: Buying books or study material on Saturdays is good but buying ink (represents Mars which is inimical to Saturn) on Saturdays brings DISGRACE, so avoid buying ink (also Pens) on Saturdays.
Gain Saturn’s Blessings by: Donating books and study material to an orphanage.

6. Fuel: Fire is considered auspicious in Indian culture but don’t but fuel items like kerosene, match box, petrol or other inflammable item on Saturdays as it would bring PROBLEMS IN THE FAMILY. Gain Saturn’s Blessings by: Walking barefoot on Green Grass for 30-45 mins on a Saturday.

7. Shoes: Don’t buy black leather shoes on Saturdays as it would bring FAILURES in your work.
Gain Saturn’s Blessings by: Going to a Shani or Hanuman Temple wearing shoes and returning Home barefoot, leaving the footwear behind.