Mercury, in astrology, is considered the karaka or significator of speech and intelligence. Its influence on an individual’s communication style and intellectual capabilities is profound. People under Retrograde Mercury’s influence tend to fall into two categories: those who are very talkative and expressive, and those who are reserved and may not express themselves openly.

When Mercury is in a retrograde motion in a person’s birth chart, it is believed to enhance their intelligence. This heightened intellect can be channeled in either a positive or negative direction, depending on the individual’s choices and circumstances. If the intelligence is directed towards virtuous and constructive pursuits, it can lead to significant achievements and positive contributions to society. However, if it is misused for selfish or malicious purposes, it can potentially lead the individual down a negative path.

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The alignment of Mercury with malefic planets or challenging aspects in the birth chart may divert the person’s intelligence and communication abilities towards negative or harmful endeavors. On the contrary, when Mercury is in harmony with benefic planets or receives favorable aspects, it can guide the person’s intelligence along the right path, promoting ethical and moral choices.

Additionally, Mercury is associated with proficiency in number-related activities. Individuals influenced by Retrograde Mercury often excel in fields like Mathematics or computer science, where analytical thinking and precision are crucial. This proficiency in number games and mathematical abilities is a hallmark of Retrograde Mercury’s influence.

Understanding the placement and aspects of Mercury in your birth chart can provide valuable insights into your personality traits and tendencies, helping you make informed choices and harness you intellectual potential for the greater good.

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Retrograde Mercury – Remedies

  • Honor Mercury’s deity, Lord Vishnu, by daily chanting or meditating on the Vishnu mantra (Aum Namo Narayanaya) and engaging with the Vishnu Sahasranama.
  • As Mercury symbolizes the Earth element (Prithvi Tattva) and Virgo is an earth sign, offering gandham (like scented oils or sandal paste) to Lord Ganesha or Lord Vishnu is beneficial.
  • Enhance Mercury’s positive influence by reading books or maintaining a journal.
  • Incorporate a variety of green, leafy vegetables into your meals to align with Mercury’s energy.
  • Consider donating items such as perfumes, books, green vegetables/fruits, camphor, and green-colored clothing. Contributions to Goshalas (cow shelters) or the Mallikārjuna temple in Sri Sailam are also favorable.
  • Engage in activities that spark laughter and clap your hands when feeling anxious

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