Ready to enrich your relationships? Then don’t forget this time-honored tradition.

Since time immemorial we have been taught (sometimes forced) to wash our feet before going to sleep. Did you know that apart from the numerous health benfits, this simple bedtime ritual could enrich your relationships ?

The Science Behind…..

In Vedic astrology the planet Venus that represents relationships, comforts, wealth, prosperity, creativity and art etc gets exalted (the most powerful) in the sign of Pisces which is the natural 12th house of the zodiac.

The 12th house represents feet and sleep. Venus represents Jala Tattva (water element) and purity. That is why when we wash our feet especially before going to bed it is like exaltation of Venus which bestows happy relationships, prosperity, comfort, wealth, creativity etc.

So who knew one little hygiene habit would put us on the path of happiness?!

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