Pushya is the most benign of all stars and is considered a favorable nakshatra for spiritual pursuits. Those born under this star are dependable, generous, protective and calm.
Brihaspati (jupiter) is the tutelary archetype of this nakshatra. Brihaspati’s epithets are sacred and many: “”High Priest/ Tutor of the Gods”” and also “”Lord of Sacred Speech, Mantras and Prayers””
Worshiping Brihaspati when Moon transits Pushya nakshatra bestows wisdom! You also gain the splendor of spiritual knowledge, and it also cures speech defect
Bhavishya Purana (Chapter 102): Worshiping Brihaspati (Jupiter) in Pushya nakshatra, pleases Jupiter and the person is blessed with wisdom.
Worshipping Aswatta Tree is going to get the blessings of Pushya which is also called as Tishya (The Celestial Archer guarding the Nectar or Ambrosia)
Pushya is charitable by nature but also quite lawful and concerned with security as a matter of public order.
It is symbolized by the udder of the cow, indicating that this is a productive and nourishing star.
Natives with prominent planets here are earnest and thoughtful and religious, stubborn but eloquent, learned in the scripture, independent and successful in their profession. They may also be very arrogant with their orthodox beliefs.
Fun Facts
1. The theme of nourishment and abundance can lead to overweight problems
2. They are foodies and love milk and milk related products
3. They are very slow eaters and keep chewing their food in mouth for a long time.
4. They are philosophers, teachers, guides, counsellors and spiritual beings with boundless devotion.”