Venus Exaltation and Sri Ranganathar (Vishnu’s form)

The sign of Pisces is linked to Lord Vishnu in his form as Sri Ranganathar, depicted as resting on the serpent bed of Adishesha. Since Venus is exalted in Pisces, worshipping Sri Ranganathar is considered a miraculous remedy to maximize Venus’s beneficial effects.

The reclining position of Lord Sri Ranganathar in the milky ocean symbolizes the exaltation of Shukra (Venus) in Pisces. Furthermore, Lord Sri Ranganathar’s birth constellation, or janma Nakshatra, is Revati Nakshatra, where Venus is exalted.

Sri Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya has sung a beautiful hymn in praise of Lord Sri Ranganathar known as Ranganathar Ashtakam.

Just by reading this Ranganathar Ashtakam on Friday evenings is a powerful way to honor Venus. You can also listen to this beautiful composition – Ranganatha Ashtakam (रङ्गनाथाष्टकम्) with lyrics and meaning – YouTube

You can also donate to the Sri Ranganathar temple on a friday, if you are in close proximity a visit to this temple and performing the Shukra dosha puja there is highly recommended. You can also chant the mantra “Aum Sri Ranganathaya Namah” 11 times everyday in the evening.

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