In life, we all take risks right?

In life, we take risks. While some risks lead to success, others may not have the desired outcomes and could pose adverse effects. Astrology is a helpful tool to identify days when it’s wise to avoid taking risks. On these days, it’s wise to steer clear of risky activities and focus on rituals and remedies that enhance your well-being.

These periods of caution are already taken into consideration and programmed in the align27 app.

1. Ghatak Nakshatra

The term ‘Ghatak’ translates to ‘harmful’ or ‘causing obstacles.’ In astrology, certain Nakshatras become Ghatak depending on the Moon’s placement in your chart. These Nakshatras may cause challenges or create difficulties in various aspects of your life.

It’s advisable to avoid undertaking any risky activities related to your health or engaging in adventure sports on days when a transit planet is in Ghatak Nakshatra, as these periods are more susceptible to unfavorable outcomes.

The align27 app calculates this for you and contributes to determining your Red Day.

2. Chandrashtama (Moon 2.5)

The term “Chandrashtama” combines ‘Chandra’ (Moon) and  ‘Ashtama’ (eighth). When the Moon transits the 8th house from your natal Moon sign (Janma Rashi), that 2.5-day period is known as Chandrashtama. The Moon is uncomfortable in the natural 8th house of the zodiac, which is ruled by Mars and signified by Saturn. During these moments, it is common for us to experience heightened emotional sensitivity, mental stress, health issues, or unexpected problems. These can be lightened or mitigated with awareness and rituals, which you can find in the align app.

The align27 app also calculates this for you, showing when these days are coming up via an icon on the Planner page and is also a contributor to determine your Red Days.

3. During Rahu Kalam or Yamaghandam

“Rahu Kalam” refers to a time period ruled by Rahu, the North Node of the Moon and it lasts around 1.5 hours every day. Rahu is known to cause confusion and could obstruct us from the reality and truth of what is happening, so it is best to avoid taking any risks during this time.

Yamagandam also lasts for approximately 1.5 hours each day, and its timing varies based on the day’s sunrise and sunset. It’s the time ruled by Yama, bringing with it the connotations of challenges, difficulties, or obstacles. It is advised not to start traveling during this time.

Note: Sometimes there are other positive events that can override this.

The align27 app calculates this for you and contributes to determining your Silence Moments.

4. Panchapakshi – overall caution day

Panchapakshi is an ancient system of astrology and timekeeping rooted in that Tamil tradition, primarily used in southern India. The term “Panchapakshi” combines “Pancha” (five) and “Pakshi” (birds). It revolves around the idea that five birds govern different time periods and activities in a person’s life.

Once a week, we experience an overall ‘caution day’, during which we may also encounter caution activities (a time period where the activity of our bird is in caution). It is advisable during this time to avoid any risky endeavors.

The align27 app calculates this for you and contributes to determining your Red Days and Silence Moments.

5. Certain Dasha/Antar Dasha periods

If you are in Dasha or Antar Dasha of the lord of the 8th house in Rashi (D1) Chart and 12th Lord from Navamsha Chart (D9) its important to avoid days when these dasha/antar dasha lord planets become active by transit to do any risky activities.

We are adding this as a new feature to our align27 app. Watch this space.

Essentially as much as there are favourable times to do things, we can’t ignore the unfavourable. Taking risks and bold steps forward towards something that we want a favourable outcome for, is best suited to do at the best time to avoid disappointment.

When you have the knowledge and awareness, you may as well allow yourself to be guided by it right? Avoiding a lot of stress and headache along the way. 🙂