In Sanskrit, “muhurta” means a specific moment in time, and it is believed that certain moments are more auspicious than others for beginning new ventures or performing important actions. Muhurta is determined by studying the positions of the planets and stars, and the alignment of the cosmos at a particular time.  Choosing an auspicious muhurta is believed to bring good luck, success, and prosperity to the venture or event.

In addition to important ceremonies such as weddings, housewarming ceremonies, or starting a new business venture, muhurta can also be used for daily activities that require a favorable alignment of the stars. Tasks such as writing an important email, traveling, buying things, starting medications, and other routine activities can benefit from choosing an auspicious muhurta.

Here are few tips to choose a good Muhurta

Days with good Vara, Nakshatra, Tithi yogas

Certain combinations of Vara (solar day), Nakshatra (lunar mansion), Tithi(lunar day) are considered auspicious while others are not.  For example – Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, Sri Yoga, Subha Yoga, etc are very favorable yogas and Visha Yoga, Dagdha Yoga, Asubha Yoga etc are unfavorable. You can use the Cosmic Insights app to check this.

Search for Vara/Tithi/Nakshatra yogas to access this feature on the Cosmic Insights app.

Importance of the transit Ascendant

Ascendant is an astrological term that refers to the point on the eastern horizon at any given moment and the ascendant sign changes approximately every two hours as the Earth rotates.

When searching for a muhurta, it’s helpful to ensure that the Ascendant sign is favorable, which can prevent benefic planets from occupying the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses. This is especially useful when traveling.

Choosing a time when Jupiter is in the Ascendant is advantageous for any auspicious activity as this placement is considered highly powerful and auspicious. You can identify the appropriate time by considering the zodiac sign in which Jupiter is located.

If you need to undertake communication-related work, it’s recommended to place Mercury in the Ascendant or your 3rd house lord, If you are planning travel-related activities, placing Venus, the natural significator of travel, or your 7th house lord in the Ascendant is advisable.

You can also make sure that the Moon is well placed from the Ascendant.

The Cosmic Insights app shows you how the Ascendant sign changes over the course of a day.

Search for Ascendant on the Cosmic Insights app to access this information.


In Tamil Nadu, there are a group of people called “Siddhars” who are nothing but “Spiritual Scientists”, they observed the Cosmic pattern outside and were able to correlate it what was happening within us as well. They used a system called “Panchapakshi” to figure out auspicious timings and timings where we need to take extra precaution. Pancha means 5 and Pakshi means bird.

It is based on the 5 Elements – (Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether). We are all nothing but a combination of these 5 elements. These 5 elements act in 5 different ways (activities) throughout the day. The pattern differs based on Week days, Phases of the Moon etc.

So based on the above, the 5 elemental vibrations are classified as birds or pakshis (Peacock, Cock, Crow, Vulture and Owl) and they perform 5 different activities. The Panchapakshi system helps you understand about your biorhythm for a particular moment on a particular day. And we are all associated with one of the 5 birds based on our Janma Nakshatra.

How to use Panchapakshi in your everyday life?

The first step is to find your own Pakshi (Peacock, Vulture, Owl, Cock or Crow)

  • Every bird performs 5 activities in a predetermined order based on various things like day, time, waning/waxing moon etc.
  • The 5 activities are Succeed, Energize, Action, Relax and Caution.
  • At any given time no two birds can perform the same activity. They are all doing 5 unique activities.
  • The bird that is doing the higher grade activity wins against the bird that is doing the lower grade activity.
  • 1 – Caution, 2 – Relax, 3 – Action, 4 – Energize, 5 – Succeed.

You can use the Cosmic Insights App (advanced user) or the align27 app (regular user) to find out what’s your bird and what action your bird is doing at any given moment.

Use the Day and Hora of your Lagna Lord

The day that is ruled by your lagna lord (the ruler of the Ascendant sign in your birth chart) is considered auspicious for any health-related activity. Additionally, using the day on which your Ascendant lord is exalted can be beneficial. You can also leverage the hora of these planets to achieve favorable health outcomes.

For instance, if you are a Cancer ascendant, Monday and Moon hora are particularly favorable. Furthermore, the Moon’s exaltation occurs in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. Therefore, Friday and Venus hora can also be advantageous for you.

You can use the Cosmic Insights app to find these planets in your birth chart!

Abhijit Muhurta – The Invincible Moment

If you are in a hurry, you can always rely on the Abhijit Muhurta.

Abhijit Muhurta is considered one of the most auspicious periods of time in Vedic astrology.

During Abhijit Muhurta, the effects of malefic planets are reduced, and the benefic planets are said to be at their most powerful. This makes it an excellent time for any significant event that requires positive energy and good luck.

You can use the Cosmic Insights app to find the timings of Abhijit Muhurta based on where you live.

Panchak Rahita

To ensure that important activities are successful, it is crucial to avoid the five blemishes, known as Panchaka Rahita, when selecting the right time. Nish is the most auspicious and powerful time for any activity. The five blemishes are:

  1. Agni – moments of intense anger and frustration.
  2. Roga – moments of lethargy and tiredness.
  3. Mrtyu – inauspicious time, best avoided for important activities.
  4. Raja – prone to misunderstandings and conflicts with superiors or associates.
  5. Chora – time characterized by negativity and negative thoughts, which may lead to unpleasant experiences or loss of items.

The Cosmic Insights app can provide information on when these moments occur during the day. Choose – “Nish” which is the time period free of all blemishes.

Choghadiya – Auspicious Time Picker

Choghadiya, also known as Chogadia, is an ancient Vedic system of dividing the day into favorable and unfavorable periods for undertaking important activities. The term “Choghadiya” is derived from the Sanskrit words “Chau” meaning four and “Ghadi” meaning a period of time, and the system divides the day into eight time slots of approximately 1.5 hours each.

It is useful in selecting an auspicious time for any activity, including starting a new venture, signing a contract, buying a property, or traveling.

You can use the Cosmic Insights app to find timings based on Choghadiya.

Hint – Search for Choghadiya on the app to access it.

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